Avoided a huge car repair bill

My license tabs were due on 12/31/2010 and just as I was driving to get an emissions test, my check engine light came on.  I ended up failing my emissions test and had to take my car to the shop.  The mechanic told me that the code that popped up was the Catalyst Converter.  He quoted a repair of cost of $1,500.  However, he said that the Catalyst Converter was in okay shape and didn’t need to be repaired right now.  He wanted to have his friend look at the Catalyst Converter and see if he can get a waiver for the repairs.  While the car was in the shop, he noticed that our battery kept dying.  He replaced the battery for us and asked us to pick up the car and drive it around for the weekend while he waited for his friend to call back.  I drove it around for about 100 miles and amazingly the Check Engine light did not come back on.  I took a chance and took the car to get an emissions test after work tonight, all the while crossing my fingers that I pass emissions.  Hallelujah!!!! We passed emissions and I was finally able to get my tabs.  Total cost: 77.75!  I feel so happy that I saved $1,500!!!!!


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