Spending Fast

I am seriously thinking of doing a spending fast.  This latest episode of me putting my head in the sand has me really shook up.  It’s six months later and I’m in a worst place than when I started this blog.  I made no progress because I didn’t change anything.  I need to really challenge myself into doing something different.  I realize that I’m an all or nothing kind of gal.  I just can’t do things in moderation.  I sat down with my family (hubby and kiddies) and talked to them about doing more things as a family and really setting some financial goals together.  Each of us want a bigger house and with the housing market the way it is, we can’t sell our current house.  DH and I realize that we’ll probably have to rent out our current house when we buy the new house.  But we can’t buy another home unless we get rid of all of our debt and start saving gobs of money.

I started a semi fluid list of expenses that are needs and wants.  On my “needs list” I have:

  1. Mortgage
  2. Groceries
  3. Car insurance
  4. Utilities (gas, electricity, garbage, water, cellphone, cable which includes internet)
  5. Daycare
  6. Gas for the car
  7. Clothing for my little ones (back to school)
  8. School Supplies
  9. Toiletries – feminine products, face wash, moisturizer and sunscreen.
  10. Rx for my family
  11. Gym – ($32.50 a month)
  12. Running shoes 2x a year

I think I’m okay on clothes and shoes.  And, Lord knows that I have enough shampoo, hair products, and make up to last me at least a year or 2.  I have a girlfriend who can cut my hair but I do need to dye it as I’m going grey from stress.  I can’t box dye because I have crazy, unruly hair and I need to be somewhat presentable for work.   What I will do is stop highlighting it and dye it to my natural color (dark brown) and just do the roots every 4 months.

The gym membership and running shoes might be a no go for everyone else but I’m an avid runner and I lift a lot of weights because I can’t have dairy.  So my doctor said weight lifting and eating lots of leafy greens will help build up some bone density.  I live in the northwest where it rains all the time and I live in an area where there aren’t a lot of running trails so I’m stuck running indoors for 90% of the year. So for me that $32.50 a month is totally valid.  The shoes also can’t be helped. I have to get new ones every 600 miles and that for me works out to about 6 months.

In order for us to do this I need to make sure to get buy in from hubby and I think he’s willing to do it as long as we’re making progress.


2 thoughts on “Spending Fast

  1. You have to know what is best for you and your situation. I’m basically an all or nothing person as well but if I fail I just start over the same moment and forget about the past. Don’t ever give up. Just keep trying.

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