Eating out

I am trying very hard to curb our eating out and it’s really hard to get hubby on board.  Prime example, I already had last night’s dinner in the oven when his mother decided to come over after work.  It was going to take an hour for the chicken to be done and since she was starving by the time she got to our place, my mother in law and hubby insisted we go out to dinner.  And we ended paying for it.  Granted, it wasn’t much – I think maybe 25 for the 6 of us to eat.  But, I’m trying to steer us towards not spending money and hubby just isn’t quite on board with me yet.  I really want to stop eating out completely except for the rare occasion.

The good news is that I’ve packed our lunches Monday/Tuesday and I didn’t buy lattes.  Baby steps for now, right?

Any tips for getting hubby on board with this no spend?


2 thoughts on “Eating out

  1. From what I read of other couples experiences, it is going to be hard. You can’t force him into it. Your best bet is to continue doing what you are doing and let him know the reason and sooner or later he should come around.

    • I figure that it would be hard. Mr. and I are very social and we go out to eat a lot with our families (kids, parents, brothers, sisters, cousins etc) and friends. So far this week, I’ve packed all of our lunches for work and he’s been content to eat what I’ve packed and not eat out during the work day. I’ve turned down requests to go out to dinner all week and he’s been okay with us not going to dinner. He’s usually very good at telling me when he’s been invited to go to dinner and usually is okay if it’s friends we’re not meeting up with. When it comes to family, it’s a different story. He always says yes.

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