How Laziness Can Cost You Money

I’ve been reading a lot of stuff on line about finances lately.  I am forever searching for ways to organize my paper clutter and today, during lunch I ran across this article on “How Laziness Can Cost You Money”.  After reading this article, I realized that I have been guilty of 3 items on that list.


  1. Failing to Set Financial Goals

In the past I was really bad about this.  I mean I had stuff floating around in my head about what I kinda/sorta/would/could/should do with my money but not really actual concrete and achievable goals.  I’m doing better by making sure that my goals are specific and achievable.  Now for example, my goal is to save $5,000K by September 1, 2011 and not, oh I hope I can save $5,000 soon.

  1. Being Disorganized

I am guilty of paying my bills late.  There’s all sorts of excuses for it – I’m too tired lazy to do bills tonight, I’ll do them tomorrow.  I’m too tired to go on line and see what’s cleared the account or jot things into a check ledger or run Quicken because I’m too <appropriate excuse inputted here>.  Fact of the matter is I was just too scared and a little lazy to sit down and pay my bills because it’s depressing to see money being paid to someone else and not keeping it for myself.  I also had stacks and stacks of paper everywhere and it was too over whelming to open, purge and sort the mail all at once. I gave myself 2 weeks to do this project and now that I have a command center in place, it’s easier for me to sit down and pay my bills.  I have a designated area that is neat, tidy and holds all my tools (calculator, files, check book) to pay my bills as they come in.

  1. Igorning Your Credit Score

I admit it – I don’t know my credit score.  I haven’t checked because I   already own a home and don’t need any cars in the near future.  But,   really it’s because I’m scared to face that I probably have a horrible credit        score since I’ve been ignoring my money problems and putting my head in     the sand.  Also, I plan on paying for most items in cash so I’m not terribly        concerned about it.  Maybe one day I can look it up without freaking out before hand.

I’m working diligently on the first 2 items on the list.  The 3rd I’m not so worried about yet.  I may start worrying about it if I have to buy a new car. Moving forward I’m going to try to pay my bills on time every month and hopefully if my scores are bad, they will improve once my bills are paid off.



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