Weekend Plans


I love Fridays because the day flies by and once I leave work I am immersed in family time!  I usually get to have dinner with my sisters at my house and we usually watch movies, dance or just shoot the breeze all night.  Today is the last day of school for my munchkins so we are planning to have a BBQ/dinner party to kick off the summer for them.  Their cousins and grandparents will be there as well and they are going to have a blast!  It’s not going to be too late of a night because I am running a half marathon tomorrow at the crack of dawn tomorrow.

After my run, I will be driving hobbling like an 80 year old home to ice and rest up.  Then we are going to a baseball game with some friends where I will be walking hobbling like an 80 year old all around the city.  Hubby’s co workers gave us some tickets and we found out some of our friends are also going so we’re super excited to spend more time with our friends.  I am hoping not to spend too much money this weekend but have a feeling that the Mr. will want to spend because we’re planning that spending fast starting July 1.  I have to make sure we are on the same page about how much will be spent tomorrow.  I will be eating like crazy

Sunday, I’m hoping to do house stuff.  I found some brand new Ikea picture frames that I bought last summer while cleaning the hallway closet the other day.  My plan is to print some art onto cardstock paper and frame them in near the entryway to our home.  I also need to hang up more picture frames.  I also have a painting project for an old mirror that I got for $1 last summer.  It’s really big, square and ornate.  I’m going to spray paint it black and hang it up in the hallway in our home.  I’m also going to be attempting to sew sewing some pillows for our couches with fabric that my mama picked up for me.  After all that, I’m planning on having a nice, relaxing home cooked dinner with my wonderful little family.

I’m planning on bringing $40 to the baseball game this weekend.  I’m going to eat a lot from home and keep some snacks in the car so we don’t have to pay horrendous ball park prices for food.  I’m really hoping to only spend some $ on beer for hubby.  It’s always tricky meeting up with a group because they usually want to split the bill evenly.  Which would be okay if everyone ordered the same amount of food and drinks.  Often times though we always order less but shell out more and the people who order more shell out less.  So, to be fair I’m going to ask for separate checks before the bill comes.


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