Happy Friday!

I am so happy that Friday is finally here!¬† The weather is gorgeous & I received 6 free movie tickets from work and will be taking my family to see a movie soon. I don’t have too much to do this weekend so I’m hoping that it will be very relaxing. All I want to accomplish this weekend:

  1. Pay bills.
  2. Return books to the library and check out new books.
  3. Organize hallway closet – there’s so much stuff loaded into this closet that I’m afraid to actually open the door. EEK!
  4. Shop for toiletries – toilet paper, Windex and floss is currently on the shopping list.
  5. Organize the bathroom drawers and under sink area.
  6. Sign up for fall quarter classes ūüôā




Latte Factor

There is no denying that I love my espresso.  I love it.  I hate the nasty office coffee that we have because it tastes burned.  I have been tracking my spending and wow, I spend a lot at Starbucks. $3.55 everyday to be exact.  Mr. and I were talking about coffee today and he said since we both drink so much coffee, it would make sense for us to buy an espresso machine.

Hmmm. OKay, except we’re on this whole spending fast kick. I think I remember posting that I can’t stand spending lots of money for something but apparently can fritter away a large amount of money by spending little by little until it’s gone. ¬†I probably still can’t make myself do it but there are 3 that DH’s eyeing:

  1. Rancillio Silva $599! According to lots of reviews, this is like the Holy Grail of the at home espresso machine.  But WTF?! THE PRICE      http://www.amazon.com/Rancilio-Silvia-Espresso-Machine/dp/B000S73PQQ/ref=sr_1_2?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1311837741&sr=1-2
  2. NESPRESSO CITIZ C120 RETAILS FOR $349, but DH found one on craigslist brand new for $200. ¬†The big downside is we can only use their espresso. And, I really want to be able to use Peet’s Coffee or something else. ¬†http://www.amazon.com/Nespresso-Espresso-Aeroccino-Frother-Aluminum/product-reviews/B00457KDRE/ref=dp_related_ads_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1
  3. GAGGIA CLASSIC $398. ¬†Comparable to #1 + my co worker has had one of these since 1983 and it’s still going strong. ¬†Plus, I can use any type of espresso I want.


IF we get a machine, I do want to make it’s the right one and that it will last a long time. ¬†I drink so much coffee that I have no doubt the machine will pay itself off within a few months. ¬†I just don’t know if I can justify buying something so expensive :/


Last night, out of sheer exhaustion, I fell asleep at 7:30PM and didn’t wake up until 6 this morning.¬† I didn’t pack my lunch because I didn’t even make dinner.¬† Today, I grabbed a salad at work.¬† BIG MISTAKE! I am so violently sick from that salad.¬† I vow to never buy food from my work cafeteria again.

That at least should help with the eating out budget.

Weekly Spending Report – 07/17/2011 to 07/23/2011

Well, here it is.¬† It‚Äôs better than last week but still not where I want to be.¬† I know it‚Äôs a work in progress but I wish I was one of those bloggers who can just say, ‚ÄúI‚Äôm going to stop spending‚ÄĚ and voila it happens.¬† I struggle with spending which is what prompted the creation of this blog.

July 17, 2011

Groceries (Costco trip)                       -99.47

Gas                                                         -84.37

Groceries                                              -32.36

Snacks                                                   -15.81

Lunch                                                     -23.84

Coffee                                                     -4.25

Total:                                                      -260.10

July 18, 2011

Clothing                                                 -3.79

Gym Membership                                -32.84

Total:                                                      -36.63

July 19, 2011

Return of Clothing                               +3.79

Lunch                                                     -6.32

Total:                                                      -2.53

July 20, 2011

Starbucks Card                                    -20

Lunch                                                     -9.95

Contact Lens Solution                         -12.54

Coffee                                                     -3.33

Beer for DH                                           -6.62

Laser Hair Removal                             -149

Return Laser Hair Removal                +149       +149

Toiletries                                               -12.63

Coffee                                                     -4.75

Total:                                                      -69.82

July 21, 2011

Mencies Frozen Yogurt                       -14.23

Garden Seeds Gift                                -8.93

Beer for DH                                           -3.77

Children’s museum                             -7.76

Lunch                                                     -13.35

Video Games                                        -10.96

Income                                                   +1424.12

Total:                                                      +1365.12

July 22, 2011

Lunch                                                     -7.03

Groceries                                              -16.90

Pens                                                       -3.21

Coffee                                                     -3.99

Coffee                                                     -3.88

Work shoes                                          -113.72

Beer for DH                                           -9.88

Snacks                                                   -4.78

Gas                                                         -40

Income                                                   +1260.13

Total:                                                      +1056.74

July 23, 2011

School Supplies/Clothes                    -111.54

Coffee & Lunch                                     -8.52

Beer for DH                                           -11.07
Groceries                                              -52.07

Parking                                                  -5.00

Returned shoes                                    +54.64

Birthday Gift                                         -41.79

Birthday Dinner                                   -70.12

Total:                                                      -245.47

Actual Spending:  -$876.94

Returns & deposits: +$2891.68

The Good

On Thursday and Friday of last week there were only 2 transactions on each day.  I think on those two days I was completely exhausted from work and didn’t want to do anything.

The Bad: 

I’m noticing a trend in our spending.  We eat too much and we still don’t know how to say no to social obligations.  And, I went shopping for work shoes.

I should probably explain about my work atmosphere.  Parking is atrocious and I have to park about 15-20 minutes away from my building and have to walk quite a ways before I get to my building.  I’ve been content just to wear my tennis shoes all day but I really shouldn’t be wearing tennis shoes with my outfit since our dress code is Business Attire.  I wanted to continue wearing my tennis shoes walking into to work but once at my desk I wanted a pair of comfortable flats.  I bought a pair of TOMS at Nordstrom and a pair of Report flats.  Unfortunately, the Report flats are too small and I had to return them. The TOMS fit perfect but are only good to me for casual Fridays and running around after my babies.  The search for comfortable and affordable flats is still underway.  I budgeted about $60 for a good pair that will last me until next year. I am in need of work clothes but have been mending and remending 5 pairs of work pants I have.  I’m trying not to buy anything unless it’s not repairable.  SIGH.  Spending fast indeed.

Other than the shoes & my gym membership, nothing in my spending was a need.  Everything was a want and that makes me so mad at myself and my hubby.  I’ve been thinking a lot about out spending habits and patterns and I think I know what our problem is. If money doesn’t get automatically pulled from our checking account we both spend.  I have no problems with my savings once it’s been direct deposited, I don’t pull unless I’m having a come to Jesus moment.  I think moving forward, I’ll write all the checks for my bills written out and then come payday, deduct it from the checkbook right away so there is literally no money left.  Again, more mind games with myself.

Mind Games

I was reading Anna’s blog¬†today and she posed a question to her readers, “ARE YOU GOING TO START A SPENDING FAST OR SPENDING¬†DIET?” ¬†I obviously have been trying to be on a spending fast and I replied in the comments that, “I was supposed to start on July 1st but I have not been able to control our sending and feel really bad/guilty/ashamed with myself. I’m going to pick myself up and start over today. I know I can do this…I just have to keep playing tricks with myself to stop spending. Just like I play tricks with myself to run one last mile. ¬†I need serious encouragement.” ¬†As I typed this, I realized that this analogy is true for me. ¬†When I run long distances if I can talk myself through the first 2 miles I know I that my run will be a good one. ¬†However, if I can’t make it through the first 2 miles without stopping, I know that my run will be difficult and there’s a lot of self talk going on. “Come on, LBL, YOU CAN DO THIS. Believe in your ability to run! You only have to do ONE more mile and you can (drink water, stretch, catch your breath, pant with relief or all of the above)!” ¬†I realized when I posted that comment I can control my spending and I can save money. ¬†I just need a little self talk.

Today, I turned down the opportunity to get a latte at work. ¬†I left my lunch at home this morning (boo!) because I thought I had a meeting at 6:30 and I was rushing and running through my house to get to work early. ¬†I left my lunch bag at home and I almost went out to the cafeteria to get lunch. ¬†Then, I just paused. ¬†I asked myself if there was anything I could do that wouldn’t involve me spending $. ¬†I swear I had a HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE moment! ¬†My dear husband was at home today and we live 2.3 miles away from my job. ¬†I called the Mr. and prayed that he wasn’t out running errands too far away from home. ¬†Sure enough he offered to bring me lunch! ¬†Sending some love for the mister here.¬†He is after all home with a broken shoulder and going crazy at home with 3 kids. ¬†Anyhow, he dropped off food and I am happy as a clam that I didn’t go out for coffee or lunch today.

Weekly Money Check-Up






(picture snapped by yours truly yesterday)


1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on our grocery and gas bill, $116.06 for groceries and $101.01 to gas up both vehicles. 

We keep the temperature to our house about 62 year round.  And rarely turn on the heat during the day. 

2. Today I am thankful our beautiful weather this weekend. It was rare and so beautiful!

3. Money can‚Äôt buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that made me happy was free flowers from my garden!¬† So far this summer I’ve been able to display my peonies, calla lilies and this weekend my hydrangeas.¬†

4. I will consider this week a success if I don‚Äôt buy anything until Friday. I’ve been tracking our spending and we spent a lot this weekend.¬† I just don’t understand why we can’t stop spending ūüė¶

I’m determined not to spend a penny this entire week and to accomplish this I’ve removed my debit cash out of my wallet.¬† We have gas in the car and we’ve got groceries.¬† WE DON’T NEED ANYTHING ELSE!

5. A good friend is someone who is loyal, has your back 100% of the time but who can also tell you when you’re being ridiculous! He/she is also someone who can make you laugh til no tomorrow and can cause you to cry when you’re fighting.¬† A good friend is also someone who you can go weeks/months without talking but when you’re together you pick up as if no time has passed. ¬† A good friend is not someone who tells other people your business and gossips about you.

I am thankful because I have a handful of awesome friends.¬† I also have people in my life who aren’t such good friends but thankfully I’ve been able to just ignore and see them when I choose to see them.

Happy Saturday!

It is gorgeous outside today and I will be kid free for a few hours. ¬†I’m going run around the lake, get some steaks for dinner tonight and enjoy a cocktail on my back patio!

Hope everyone has a great Saturday! Cheers!