Day 5 of the spending fast

It’s Day 5 of my Spending Fast and this is hard.  I went running this morning and wanted to run into Sports Authority to pick up some work out gear as a “reward” for finishing my half marathon last weekend.  I didn’t.  I purposely put only my id, car insurance card and phone into my pocket because I knew I would be tempted to shop.  Instead, I drove home and made breakfast for my munchkins.  Egg white omelets with organic chicken sausages, broccoli, bell peppers and basil.  Yum.

I don’t know why I keep wanting to buy stuff but I do.  I don’t need stuff.  Stuff turns into clutter and I have enough clutter in my life.  This constant wanting of stuff is really starting to drive me insane.  I mean I have a closetful of clothes, shoes and everything in between.  I have enough food in my fridge/pantry.  My kids have enough as well but why isn’t it enough?  Why do I want more stuff?

One word. Boredom. I’m bored with my clothes, food etc.  Just bored.  I need to find another hobby that takes up lots of time and I need to learn how to live with what I’ve got. I also can’t be trusted to go into stores so I’ve made a vow not to go to the malls, Target or any other tempting place.


3 thoughts on “Day 5 of the spending fast

  1. I get the feeling to want to buy stuff too but lucky for me I have no idea what I want to buy or the things I want are way to expensive at the moment.

    Maybe you could pick the most expensive thing you want out of the stuff you want and just save like $5 a week for it until you get there or every time you save money on something, put it aside in a savings account to buy something you want in the future.

    The best bet is what you said though. Find a hobby or something that keeps you busy.

    • What I’ve started to do is leave my debit card at home if I’m going to the gym. However, if I do have to go to the store, I only buy what’s on that list and usually can roughly calculate the cost of it and bring cash. I can’t be trusted to not spend so I do have to go to extremes.

  2. Sounds like youv’e been very busy! Decluttering you home is a good first step in recognizing what stuff does….make a mess! You sound a bit younger than me, and I must say it wasn’t until the last 5 years where I started realizing that I had been wasting money. I now make my coffee at home, and I avoid stores unless I truly need something. Stopping spending cold turkey is difficult, especially if you were using it to fill a void. Finding something else to do in it’s place (that doesn’t cost money) is a good start. (i.e. cleaning up your house) I started getting rid of stuff a few months ago (my 1,000 item challenge) and I only have 342 items to go! I think I can double that amount since I’m only half way through the year. Now that’s a lot of stuff….

    One thing I noticed through your posts is that your husband is not involved in the finances. Perhaps having him sit down with the bills and seeing what is going on will help him to get on board. It’s his financial future too!

    Give yourself a bit of a break, though, this is emotional stuff you are dealing with. Baby steps and of course balance is the key. YOU CAN DO IT! :)! I’ll be cheering you on all the way!


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