To Do List Update

I guess you could say I made some progress with my To Do List from Friday night. I’ve managed to complete the following:

  1. Go through pantry and toss anything that’s expired.
  2. Organize the pantry into sections – Canned goods, grains, cereals, dry spices etc.
  3. Go through kitchen cupboard and toss anything that hasn’t been used in the last few months
  4. Clear out most of my munchkins toys. 
  5. Organize all of my magazines and decide which to toss and which to keep as reference.
  6. Organize my son’s gaming area – put all his games in alphabetical order in a basket, and put the unused controllers in a basket near the game console.
  7. Organize the drawers in the coffee table and corral all the remote controllers so we never ask the question, “Have you seen the remote?”
  8. PURGE my munchkins’ clothes and shoes.
  9. PURGE Will also do another purge of my closet.  I have a ton of shoes/clothes that I never wear.
  10. Donate all my unused hair/makeup to the women’s shelter up the street from the house.
  11. Organize the socks (I hate this with a passion).
  12. Organize the garage – we did this last spring and now it is a mess again.
  13. Organize cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink.  Refill any of the cleaning supplies as needed.
  14. Organize the laundry room (ahem read: do laundry!)
  15. Clean all the bathrooms.
  16. Organize the linen closet upstairs.
  17. Dust all the blinds (yuck!)
  18. Dry clean our sofa slip covers.
  19. vacuum/mop up the entire house
  20. Clean my oven tonight.
I have the rest of the week off from work and I’m going to continue working on my projects.  Hopefully, by the time next Monday rolls around I’ll have completed all of them and then some.

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