Who, me? On Chexsystem? Say, “WHAT?!”

My day at work was insane. It started out at 6AM with me being on the phone until 2PM dealing with nothing but problems. And then from 2PM to 5PM, I actually worked. I came home just in time to cook dinner for my friend with a pounding headache.  We had a cocktail and a nice chat.  After she left, I went and checked the mail.  My headache came back with a vengeance and exploded.

Okay, just when I was ready to put my denial from Alliant Credit Union to rest I received a letter in the mail from them explaining why I got denied a checking/savings account with them. It’s not my credit like I thought.  It’s some system called Chexsystems.  My sister works at a bank and after speaking to her, she told me that apparently it is a system where financial institutions reports if you owe them money or are a serial person who bounces checks.  I’ll be honest – this has me very freaked out.  I don’t owe any financial institutions money on checking accounts and I don’t remember the last time I had an NSF fee.  What’s more worrisome is that we just opened a checking account last year at a local credit union and it we were not denied a checking account.  Furthermore, Mr and I have had a joint checking account since 1999 and he is NOT on Chexsystem. I can’t do much about it right now but I did call the number that Alliant gave me and (of course they are closed) ordered my report.  I called Alliant again to talk to them about this and expressed my concern.  The gal told me that they truly don’t get a copy of the report; all they receive is a yes or no to their inquiry on whether or not someone is in Chexsystem.  She mentioned that it could be as simple as a different birthdate or ss#.  Basically, I can’t speculate until I get that report in my hot little hands.

In other news, I looked at my credit report and it’s bad.  I’ve been trolling www.creditboards.com & looking at how I can clean up all the incorrect items.  Then I noticed something on my Equifax report.  THERE WERE 2 SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS. One was correct and the other was incorrect.  There was also wrong addresses and wrong names that aren’t even ME.  

I have to be honest the Chexsystems and the incorrect credit information has me determined to be more on top of my finances.  I went through all our papers and there is nothing in there that would show that I’m in collections to any banks.  This is so frustrating and I can’t wait until that report comes in the mail and I can start disputing whatever is wrong.  The good news is that Alliant will reconsider my membership if I clear up Chexsystem and fax them the proof.  This actually renews my faith in them because they are willing to reconsider if there is an error.  What a hassle!


2 thoughts on “Who, me? On Chexsystem? Say, “WHAT?!”

  1. Should have read this post before posting on the other one earlier. You really need to get all of those errors cleared up as they are harming you. You will have to monitor these things closely as they could lead to trouble. Hope you get everything sorted out and I love the new designed. I’ve been busy for about 2 days and I missed a bunch of post and a redesign. I feel like I’ve been gone forever.

  2. Thanks! I was ready for a change and decided to it on a whim 🙂

    You’re right, I do need to take care of these items. I’m going to spend some time this weekend writing letters to the credit bureaus. I really want to get all the incorrect items off of my reports. It’s a little overwhelming at the moment.

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