I’m not in Chexsystem!

I was very concerned over the weekend on being in Chexsystems as I found out from a few more friends in the banking industry that it’s very difficult to get yourself removed and you can in fact be in that system for up to 7 years.  They also told me if you are in the system, it’s for something bad.

I called Chexysystem this morning at 800-513-7125, and pressed option 7 to connect to a live person.  After about 5 minutes, they were able to tell me that I am not in their system at all.  I confirmed several times that there is no derogatory information about me in their system. My next phone call was Alliant.  I asked to speak to their Account Services department and they denied me.  After I explained my situation to them (that I’m not in Chexsystem at all), they came back and they told me that it was due to my Equifax report and not Chexsystems.  I had a copy of my report on hand and asked them to tell me exactly what it is in my report that would lead to a flat out denial.  They would not tell me and told me that they will not reconsider my application. Even after I asked several times to speak with an Account Services Representative, they still denied me a chance to talk to someone.  Mind you, I’m merely looking to open a checking/savings account with them. I do not want credit from them (or anyone else, for that matter).  So as of right now, I’m denied and they know why I’m denied and won’t tell me why I’m denied.  I’m okay with being denied if they tell me what the problem is so I can fix it if possible.  I’m not okay with them telling me denied but not pinpointing why I’m denied.

I’m perfectly okay putting my money elsewhere.  And, will probably not recommend Alliant Credit Union to anyone.  This is entirely too much hassle to open up a simple checking/savings account.



One thought on “I’m not in Chexsystem!

  1. I wouldn’t recommend them either. Especially not with that kind of customer service. They could have at least let you speak with an account rep.

    You have two other and I will go as far to say much better institutions to keep your money with so just go with them and forget about this whole fiasco. At least it got you to clean up your credit report so something good came of it.

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