Do You Hold Grudges?

This isn’t finance related but something someone said to me today triggered me to write about grudges.  You see, I am not proud to admit this but I can hold a grudge.  In person, I am very outgoing and love hanging out with my friends and .  Once you are my friend I I treat you like you’re family.  If you needed help, I would drop everything I’m doing to help you.  I’m super affectionate towards my family and friends, and I am usually happy all the time.  However on the flip side I don’t hide my emotions well.  If I am happy, you know it.  If I’m sad you can see it on my face.  If I’m angry you can tell in my eyes.

With that said, once you do something to hurt me, I am ruthless. I will cut you out of my life. I’m not rude or anything like that however the warmth that I exude towards my friends and family disappears.  I guess you can say that I become very polite and standoffish.  Only 2 people in my whole life has ever made me angry and though what they did to me happened a year or two ago and they have apologized, I still cannot fully forgive. Or treat them as I once use to.  I see a counselor once a week and this comes up often for me.  I want to forgive people but it’s like once you screw me over, I can’t forget it.

Anyone else feel this way? Or did you figure out a way to forgive, let go and move on?


2 thoughts on “Do You Hold Grudges?

  1. Hmm, good post. I don’t think I hold grudges, but I do sometimes have a hard time just letting things go, especially if I feel like my opinion/feelings aren’t being heard. Like, I don’t care so much about “winning” an argument, but if I feel like the other person doesn’t understand, or doesn’t try to understand, my point of view, that really gets under my skin.

    I’m not really sure how to move on. Sorry this isn’t really helpful.

  2. I understand how you feel. I once had a ring of friends whom I considered to have stabbed me in the back. One in particular was really close and it hurt.

    I cut them off ruthlessly and told them. After time I started back passing and checking in on them and I can talk to them now but I know things will never be like they once were.

    I just accept the change in friendship and move on. We are cool but I wouldn’t sacrifice for them like how I would sacrifice for the people who I truly care about.

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