Hell Yeah!!!!

I’ve been obsessed with saving money.  We have a credit card balance of $5,500 that I haven’t been really focusing on paying down because our goal was to have at least $5,000 in our savings account as a buffer first.  Well, today we’re there!  We currently have a balance of $5,142 in savings.

  • Current Baby Emergency Fund: $1,000
  • Savings Account: $ 3111

Added the following deposits today:

  • $250 regular savings transferred from DH’s check
  • $300 regular savings transferred from my Check
  • $329 Cash Gift from FIL
  • $152 Left over cash in old account

Total Deposit to Savings: $1,031

I am over the moon happy!  When I fist made up my mind to start getting serious about saving money it was very hard for me not to move money around.  Slowly, but surely I started to get used to not having that money in checking.  One thing I found to be very helpful was to make my savings automatic. Meaning, our payroll people deposit $625 into savings and deposit the remaining balance into our checking account.  It sucked at first to see how small my check was but then I’d click to the savings tab and viola!  The balance has been growing and today we hit $5,000!

Moving forward, we need to focus on paying off that credit card and tackling my student loans. I don’t think I can apply the entire $625 every pay check to our debt because I do want to continue with the good savings habit.  I might only save $300 per paycheck until our debt is paid off.  We’ll see what the Mr. says, but for now HALLELUJAH!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Hell Yeah!!!!

  1. Awesomeness to the maximum. Congratulations to you on achieving your goals.

    I think you have a great plan moving forward. There is no need to cut the savings all together. $300 is a good number. I wish you the best for the future.

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