I have had another very stressful week at work. I have been working my butt off in hopes of getting promoted.  My old boss told me that it will happen soon for me so I just keep trucking.  By the end of each day and each week, I feel depleted!  I always look forward to Fridays but this week I’m really happy today’s Friday!

The Mr. and I will be heading to the market to pick up some fresh local seafood.  I’m hoping to find Dungeness crab on sale for $3.99lb.  Plus, I want to walk all over the city and just spend some time together since we haven’t been alone sans kids or work related items for a while.  Parking in this city is atrocious but if we get downtown after 6, it’s free.  I’m going to pack us some sandwiches, juice and we are going to sit at one of the parks and people watch for a bit.  Other than going into the city tonight, I want this weekend to be pretty low key and relaxing.

My weekend isn’t complete without some TO DOs:

  1. Read through
  2. Write letters to the 3 Credit Bureaus requesting to delete incorrect information from my credit report.
  3. Return library books.
  4. Plant the rest of my plants in a container and place in the back patio.
  5. Pay my bills! (FUN).
  6. Blog about how I organize my Filofax.
  7. Blog Weekly Spending on Sunday night.
  8. Update direct deposit to USAA now that we’ve gotten paid today.
  9.  TAKE SEVERAL NAPS. This is a must.  I am not getting enough sleep, and as I write this, I have a huge tension headache from lack of sleep.
  10. Cut up all coupons for the grocery stores – I am very behind on this.  Several weeks behind, actually.

One thought on “TGIF!

  1. Sounds like you have an awesome weekend planned or I should say you had an awesome weekend as today is Sunday and the end of the weekend as I am reading and commenting on this.

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