Mind Games

I was reading Anna’s blog today and she posed a question to her readers, “ARE YOU GOING TO START A SPENDING FAST OR SPENDING DIET?”  I obviously have been trying to be on a spending fast and I replied in the comments that, “I was supposed to start on July 1st but I have not been able to control our sending and feel really bad/guilty/ashamed with myself. I’m going to pick myself up and start over today. I know I can do this…I just have to keep playing tricks with myself to stop spending. Just like I play tricks with myself to run one last mile.  I need serious encouragement.”  As I typed this, I realized that this analogy is true for me.  When I run long distances if I can talk myself through the first 2 miles I know I that my run will be a good one.  However, if I can’t make it through the first 2 miles without stopping, I know that my run will be difficult and there’s a lot of self talk going on. “Come on, LBL, YOU CAN DO THIS. Believe in your ability to run! You only have to do ONE more mile and you can (drink water, stretch, catch your breath, pant with relief or all of the above)!”  I realized when I posted that comment I can control my spending and I can save money.  I just need a little self talk.

Today, I turned down the opportunity to get a latte at work.  I left my lunch at home this morning (boo!) because I thought I had a meeting at 6:30 and I was rushing and running through my house to get to work early.  I left my lunch bag at home and I almost went out to the cafeteria to get lunch.  Then, I just paused.  I asked myself if there was anything I could do that wouldn’t involve me spending $.  I swear I had a HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE moment!  My dear husband was at home today and we live 2.3 miles away from my job.  I called the Mr. and prayed that he wasn’t out running errands too far away from home.  Sure enough he offered to bring me lunch!  Sending some love for the mister here. He is after all home with a broken shoulder and going crazy at home with 3 kids.  Anyhow, he dropped off food and I am happy as a clam that I didn’t go out for coffee or lunch today.


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