Weekly Spending Report – 07/17/2011 to 07/23/2011

Well, here it is.  It’s better than last week but still not where I want to be.  I know it’s a work in progress but I wish I was one of those bloggers who can just say, “I’m going to stop spending” and voila it happens.  I struggle with spending which is what prompted the creation of this blog.

July 17, 2011

Groceries (Costco trip)                       -99.47

Gas                                                         -84.37

Groceries                                              -32.36

Snacks                                                   -15.81

Lunch                                                     -23.84

Coffee                                                     -4.25

Total:                                                      -260.10

July 18, 2011

Clothing                                                 -3.79

Gym Membership                                -32.84

Total:                                                      -36.63

July 19, 2011

Return of Clothing                               +3.79

Lunch                                                     -6.32

Total:                                                      -2.53

July 20, 2011

Starbucks Card                                    -20

Lunch                                                     -9.95

Contact Lens Solution                         -12.54

Coffee                                                     -3.33

Beer for DH                                           -6.62

Laser Hair Removal                             -149

Return Laser Hair Removal                +149       +149

Toiletries                                               -12.63

Coffee                                                     -4.75

Total:                                                      -69.82

July 21, 2011

Mencies Frozen Yogurt                       -14.23

Garden Seeds Gift                                -8.93

Beer for DH                                           -3.77

Children’s museum                             -7.76

Lunch                                                     -13.35

Video Games                                        -10.96

Income                                                   +1424.12

Total:                                                      +1365.12

July 22, 2011

Lunch                                                     -7.03

Groceries                                              -16.90

Pens                                                       -3.21

Coffee                                                     -3.99

Coffee                                                     -3.88

Work shoes                                          -113.72

Beer for DH                                           -9.88

Snacks                                                   -4.78

Gas                                                         -40

Income                                                   +1260.13

Total:                                                      +1056.74

July 23, 2011

School Supplies/Clothes                    -111.54

Coffee & Lunch                                     -8.52

Beer for DH                                           -11.07
Groceries                                              -52.07

Parking                                                  -5.00

Returned shoes                                    +54.64

Birthday Gift                                         -41.79

Birthday Dinner                                   -70.12

Total:                                                      -245.47

Actual Spending:  -$876.94

Returns & deposits: +$2891.68

The Good

On Thursday and Friday of last week there were only 2 transactions on each day.  I think on those two days I was completely exhausted from work and didn’t want to do anything.

The Bad: 

I’m noticing a trend in our spending.  We eat too much and we still don’t know how to say no to social obligations.  And, I went shopping for work shoes.

I should probably explain about my work atmosphere.  Parking is atrocious and I have to park about 15-20 minutes away from my building and have to walk quite a ways before I get to my building.  I’ve been content just to wear my tennis shoes all day but I really shouldn’t be wearing tennis shoes with my outfit since our dress code is Business Attire.  I wanted to continue wearing my tennis shoes walking into to work but once at my desk I wanted a pair of comfortable flats.  I bought a pair of TOMS at Nordstrom and a pair of Report flats.  Unfortunately, the Report flats are too small and I had to return them. The TOMS fit perfect but are only good to me for casual Fridays and running around after my babies.  The search for comfortable and affordable flats is still underway.  I budgeted about $60 for a good pair that will last me until next year. I am in need of work clothes but have been mending and remending 5 pairs of work pants I have.  I’m trying not to buy anything unless it’s not repairable.  SIGH.  Spending fast indeed.

Other than the shoes & my gym membership, nothing in my spending was a need.  Everything was a want and that makes me so mad at myself and my hubby.  I’ve been thinking a lot about out spending habits and patterns and I think I know what our problem is. If money doesn’t get automatically pulled from our checking account we both spend.  I have no problems with my savings once it’s been direct deposited, I don’t pull unless I’m having a come to Jesus moment.  I think moving forward, I’ll write all the checks for my bills written out and then come payday, deduct it from the checkbook right away so there is literally no money left.  Again, more mind games with myself.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Spending Report – 07/17/2011 to 07/23/2011

  1. That Costco trip kills the budget (mine was $105 last week)! I like your mind games idea of paying your bills right away on payday. There was another good thing you did, you changed your mind and returned a few things.

  2. I think this is a good idea. I also noticed you shopped for groceries and toiletries on separate days. Perhaps you can try making a detailed shopping plan and get these things in one go once a week.

    I am guessing from the returns you are trying to break the unnecessary spending?

  3. @Rafiki Yes, I am trying very hard to cut back on unnessary spending.

    I am going to make a list of everything we need for toiletries and see if I can’t buy on sale + use coupons. I won’t be doing much grocery shopping since we still have a ton of stuff left from earlier this week.

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