Latte Factor

There is no denying that I love my espresso.  I love it.  I hate the nasty office coffee that we have because it tastes burned.  I have been tracking my spending and wow, I spend a lot at Starbucks. $3.55 everyday to be exact.  Mr. and I were talking about coffee today and he said since we both drink so much coffee, it would make sense for us to buy an espresso machine.

Hmmm. OKay, except we’re on this whole spending fast kick. I think I remember posting that I can’t stand spending lots of money for something but apparently can fritter away a large amount of money by spending little by little until it’s gone.  I probably still can’t make myself do it but there are 3 that DH’s eyeing:

  1. Rancillio Silva $599! According to lots of reviews, this is like the Holy Grail of the at home espresso machine.  But WTF?! THE PRICE
  2. NESPRESSO CITIZ C120 RETAILS FOR $349, but DH found one on craigslist brand new for $200.  The big downside is we can only use their espresso. And, I really want to be able to use Peet’s Coffee or something else.
  3. GAGGIA CLASSIC $398.  Comparable to #1 + my co worker has had one of these since 1983 and it’s still going strong.  Plus, I can use any type of espresso I want.

IF we get a machine, I do want to make it’s the right one and that it will last a long time.  I drink so much coffee that I have no doubt the machine will pay itself off within a few months.  I just don’t know if I can justify buying something so expensive :/


3 thoughts on “Latte Factor

  1. I always think I *want* an espresso machine, but I feel like even if I had one, I’d never use it, and would still hit up Starbucks. I just like the convenience of it! But I don’t go that often, so I’d day my latte habit probably won’t break the bank. Haha.

    I’d advice against the Nespresso one, though. I wrote an article on espresso makers a while back, and I spoke to a few people about different brands, and this is apparently one of those things where you REALLY get what you pay for. So a cheaper brand like the Nespresso might not work as well, and will likely break down relatively shortly. But the other two I’ve heard nothing but good things about, and will probably last a long time. Just my two cents!

    • Melissa, you are lucky that you don’t have a huge coffee habit! I have been searching all week and I found 2 of the Rancilio’s on craigslist for only 200-300 but none of the sellers are responding to me. I’m going to keep searching untiL I can find one for that price range.

      I decided against the Nespresso after reading more reviews and the fact that I’m stuck with using their coffee.

  2. If you are sure you will use it, I say save and go for it. You could probably stop buying lattes for a bit and save all that money for a machine along with some savings every pay period.

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