This and That.

I did a cost analysis of my espresso machine today.  The machine cost me $385+some tax. DH and I drink 1 latte each once a day.  My coffee beans (Lavazza) costs about $23 from amazon shipped. My Torani syrup costs me abut $5.99 a bottle.  month supply of soy milk costs me about $6 from Costco.   Rounding up per month, the supplies I need for my daily grind is $34.99.  On average there’s 30 days a month x 2 cups per day = 60 lattes.  $34.99/60=$0.58 per latte.  DAYUM GINA!  If I were to calculate the cost before espresso machine it would go something like this: ($4.75X2)x30=$285.  Yep, people, that’s how much we were spending on espresso every month, sometimes more.  I figure by mid September my machine would have paid itself off =) Yeehaw!

Another blight of goodness, I got recognized during an important meeting today about the project I’m working on.  Felt good that even though my immediate boss can’t see that I’m a great employee, the higher levels actually think I’m doing awesome! Oh, and I came home at 4 today as opposed to 7PM.  Which, in my book lately, is a success!




Guilty Pleasures

I’m a pretty simple gal.  I don’t wear makeup on a regular basis and I don’t generally do much to my hair either.  I don’t place much importance to my appearance although I don’t think I’m an unattractive person.  It’s just that I would rather spend my time doing other things.  Like running or vegging out.  Or something that doesn’t revolve anything remotely girly =)

I digress.  The point of this post is to list what I consider are my guilty pleasures in life. In random order:

  1. Salty’s brunch in Seattle. 6 words = ALL.YOU.CAN.EAT.CRAB LEGS.  NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM…NOM.  In fact, the picture on my Weekly Money Check-Up this week is one of my plates of crabs.  I salivate thinking of the food.
  2. My crackberry. Ahem, blackberry. I left her from the iphone 4, but I’ve realized the gravity of my mistake and my new crackberry is going to be here tomorrow along with a nifty case.  I cannot wait to type a normal sentence as opposed to shit like “I want some shenanigans but had an orgy instead” when I meant to say, “I want some bananas but had an orange instead.”  Oh, the humor.
  3. NORDSTROM. This store is my mothership. The quality and the service can’t be beat.  A small unknown fact, they will price match anything that they sell if another store has it for cheaper with the exception of watches.  Something to do with warranty and what not.  But this is my favorite store ever.
  4. Asics Gel Keyano running shoes.  I buy these 2 times a year and I would cry tears if they stopped making them.
  5. Fiofax. I cannot function/live/cope….etc without this thing.  I heart it and I promise a post will come soon. I just have had no time.
  6. Subway art. I love it all.
  7. Sonicare tooth brush.  A girl’s grill needs to be in pristine condition. Ha, ’nuff said =)
  8. Jersey Shore, Jersylicious, NCIS, Law & Order SVU, Genearl Hospital, Suits, Covert Affair….sigh thank you Comcast & DVR =)
  9. P90x…it hurts so good =)
  10. Cherry chapstick.
  11. Britney Spears….precrazy, after crazy whatever. I love me some Britney Spears. It’s Britney Bitch!
  12. Staedler fine point pens. LOVE.
  13. My espresso machine & grinder.  Words cannot express the happiness I get daily from it.  I want to kiss it every morning.
  14. My ipod for running or tuning out cranky old people at work.  A necessity to a somewhat normal work life.
  15. LMFAO. Anything they make I end up loving and shaking my ass to  It’s just a given.
Thanks about it for now.  Will try to post more of this stuff later to remind myself of things that make me happier than a clam =)

Work. Life. Balance.

Let me preface this post with the fact that I normally love my job because it’s challenging and I am learning new things all the time. However, the past 3 months I have been slammed at work.  Slammed as in 10 minute lunches, working from 6:45 to 10:30 at night and then still have 800+ emails to go through, phone ringing off the hook while people are standing at my desk asking me about said 800 emails.

I am going through a lot of turmoil at work at the moment.  My company decided that they needed to turn every department upside down, shake it and then put everything back in different places.  I lost the best boss I’ve ever had and was placed with a woman who micromanages everything to the point of documenting what my coworkers and I do every second of everyday. It’s enough to make me scream.  I’ve always said that it’s not the work, it’s the people because honestly, work is work.  As demanding and challenging my job, my coworkers and my old boss made it all so much fun.  It makes me so sad that with a few people’s rash decisions, the entire department has been turned upside down. Sometimes I wonder if the people on top really see how their decisions affect things.  The major thing they destroyed was the relationships people had with one another. The department I work in was once the best place to be.  People stayed in their positions for 20+ years.  Now, just in the past 3 months I’ve seen several key managers, experienced mentors flocking out the door at rapid speeds.  It just makes me so sad.

In the past 3 months, I’ve worked an extra 200 hours. At no extra pay.  None. Nada. Zilch. In fact, this past Saturday I  put in another 8 hours and stayed about 3.5 hours late tonight.  I’m mentally exhausted and don’t feel the joy I use to because I have the boss from hell who has turned my job into a clusterf*ck of irrational emotions.

I will get out of this funk – whether I leave the department or just suck it up and find a way to deal with her.  Until then, I’m running and just trying to enjoy the days I do have off.

Weekly Money Check Up

1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on at Costco – $138 monthly trip for toiletries (toilet paper etc).  I also went shopping for work clothes that I desperately needed.  Still need a couple pair of work pants and I’ll be good for another year.  I wear out my

2. Today I am thankful that my sisters and I get along.  We try to have dinner together on at least one day on the weekends.  They tend to come over to my house and their kids and our kids hang out.  It makes me very happy to see all of us spend time together and share funny stories around the dinner table.  Also, my family is loud, happy and crazy and we tend to have music blaring and one if not all of us is constantly dancing.  Most importantly I’m happy we get to share the bond we have with our kids so that when they get older they will also do the same thing.

3. Money can’t buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that made me happy was cutting flowers from my garden and displaying them in my house.  I have a lot of hydrangeas, peonies, roses, lavender and tulips blooming each year.  I also give some of my cuttings to my family, friends and neighbors.

4. I will consider this week a success if I clean my bedroom and clear out the laundry room.  Oh, and also get 3 runs in.

5. The best prank ever pulled on me was ….no pranks.  I guess I don’t have funny people in my life?

Late Weekly Money Check-Up

1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on a our mortgage payment.  To be honest, I get very irritated when I have to pay the mortgage because we are under water by over $150K but we aren’t walking away from the house.  It just annoys me to no end that nothing can be done about our high mortgage payment.

2. Today I am thankful that my best friend is coming to town this weekend.   We have a great brunch planned. 

3. Money can’t buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that made me happy was making espressos and hot chocolates for my family after breakfast this past weekend.  I know technically I paid for the coffee and syrup but it’s nice not to see the $4.75 charges leaving bank account daily.  Plus, it makes me super happy to see the looks on my babies faces when they get the big cup of hot chocolate.

4. I will consider this week a success if I clean my bedroom and office/playroom.

5. If I had today off, I would probably troll craigslist looking for a new dresser for our masterbedroom. I am thinking of putting a desk in our bedroom where I can sit and put makeup on and also do our bills etc.  We’ll see.  Or, I’d be cleaning and organizing my bedroom/den area.

Weekly Money Check-Up

1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on $300 for a used espresso machine & grinder.    The machine alone was $700 brand new and the grinder is $385 brand new.  Since we bought this thing on Saturday, I have made at least 15 lattes & hot chocolates for my family.

2. Today I am thankful for my neighbors.  There was a time where we didn’t get along with one of the neighbors and it was a nightmare. Now that they have moved out of the neighborhood, we actually get along with all of our neighbors and have had dinner at each other’s houses.  It’s been nice!

3. Money can’t buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that made me happy was working in my garden and seeing my flowers bloom.

4. I will consider this week a success if I run 3 times this week and keep my weight watchers points updated.

5. This time last year I thought my relationships with friends were great.  This year things have happened that have made me less trustful of certain people and in general has made me very sad.