Guilty Pleasures

I’m a pretty simple gal.  I don’t wear makeup on a regular basis and I don’t generally do much to my hair either.  I don’t place much importance to my appearance although I don’t think I’m an unattractive person.  It’s just that I would rather spend my time doing other things.  Like running or vegging out.  Or something that doesn’t revolve anything remotely girly =)

I digress.  The point of this post is to list what I consider are my guilty pleasures in life. In random order:

  1. Salty’s brunch in Seattle. 6 words = ALL.YOU.CAN.EAT.CRAB LEGS.  NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM…NOM.  In fact, the picture on my Weekly Money Check-Up this week is one of my plates of crabs.  I salivate thinking of the food.
  2. My crackberry. Ahem, blackberry. I left her from the iphone 4, but I’ve realized the gravity of my mistake and my new crackberry is going to be here tomorrow along with a nifty case.  I cannot wait to type a normal sentence as opposed to shit like “I want some shenanigans but had an orgy instead” when I meant to say, “I want some bananas but had an orange instead.”  Oh, the humor.
  3. NORDSTROM. This store is my mothership. The quality and the service can’t be beat.  A small unknown fact, they will price match anything that they sell if another store has it for cheaper with the exception of watches.  Something to do with warranty and what not.  But this is my favorite store ever.
  4. Asics Gel Keyano running shoes.  I buy these 2 times a year and I would cry tears if they stopped making them.
  5. Fiofax. I cannot function/live/cope….etc without this thing.  I heart it and I promise a post will come soon. I just have had no time.
  6. Subway art. I love it all.
  7. Sonicare tooth brush.  A girl’s grill needs to be in pristine condition. Ha, ’nuff said =)
  8. Jersey Shore, Jersylicious, NCIS, Law & Order SVU, Genearl Hospital, Suits, Covert Affair….sigh thank you Comcast & DVR =)
  9. P90x…it hurts so good =)
  10. Cherry chapstick.
  11. Britney Spears….precrazy, after crazy whatever. I love me some Britney Spears. It’s Britney Bitch!
  12. Staedler fine point pens. LOVE.
  13. My espresso machine & grinder.  Words cannot express the happiness I get daily from it.  I want to kiss it every morning.
  14. My ipod for running or tuning out cranky old people at work.  A necessity to a somewhat normal work life.
  15. LMFAO. Anything they make I end up loving and shaking my ass to  It’s just a given.
Thanks about it for now.  Will try to post more of this stuff later to remind myself of things that make me happier than a clam =)

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