This and That.

I did a cost analysis of my espresso machine today.  The machine cost me $385+some tax. DH and I drink 1 latte each once a day.  My coffee beans (Lavazza) costs about $23 from amazon shipped. My Torani syrup costs me abut $5.99 a bottle.  month supply of soy milk costs me about $6 from Costco.   Rounding up per month, the supplies I need for my daily grind is $34.99.  On average there’s 30 days a month x 2 cups per day = 60 lattes.  $34.99/60=$0.58 per latte.  DAYUM GINA!  If I were to calculate the cost before espresso machine it would go something like this: ($4.75X2)x30=$285.  Yep, people, that’s how much we were spending on espresso every month, sometimes more.  I figure by mid September my machine would have paid itself off =) Yeehaw!

Another blight of goodness, I got recognized during an important meeting today about the project I’m working on.  Felt good that even though my immediate boss can’t see that I’m a great employee, the higher levels actually think I’m doing awesome! Oh, and I came home at 4 today as opposed to 7PM.  Which, in my book lately, is a success!




4 thoughts on “This and That.

  1. I think your math’s a little off, here, since you’re not including the cost to buy the espresso machine in with the cost of the supplies. So, the monthly before-tax costs of having an espresso machine for the first month are $385 + 35 = $420. So your cost per latte, if you make two a day, is more like $7. And that’s if you actually do drink two lattes a day, as opposed to say, two lattes every work day. So it’s technically actually costing you an extra $2.25 per latte in the first month!

    That said, if after that the machine has paid for itself, and you’re back down to $0.58/latte, then you’re back to saving about $4.25/latte every day. No matter how you slice it, it would probably even out after about two months, and then you’d be coming out ahead all the time!

    (So that’s really all just to say good for you for looking at the costs and, also, I was a nerd in high school.)

    • Actually, I’m looking at it from the standpoint that we are not buying coffee at $4.75 a pop everyday. We’ve had the machine for almost a month and it’s almost paid for itself because we haven’t bought lattes at Starbucks.

  2. Soo jealous!! 😉 Tats awesome! And at home it’s always ready & waiting with no travel time! 🙂 Awesome that you’re being recognized, it’s nice to know that people realize what you’re doing for them!

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