Fall is my favorite time of year so when September comes around I’m usually pretty happy.  For this month, with the kids & me starting school things are going to be hectic and I have only a few things on the to do list.


  1. Run at least 3 times a week.
  2. Start P90x cycle again.
  3. Keep the closets clean.
  4. Come up with an organizing system for kids’ backpack, school work and other items so me and the hubs don’t miss any of their activities.
  5. Find ways to organize toiletries.
  6. List all the unused furniture in our house on craigslist.
  7. Read at least 6 books.


  2. Sit down with DH every pay period and pay bils/balance checkbook/plan etc together.
  3. Save $3,000 this month because we have an extra paycheck 🙂
  4. Pack lunches 90% of the time.

Marriage and Money

I was going through our bank account today and I have to say I’m annoyed.  Really, really annoyed.  We went back to school shopping and apparently one of us decided they needed back to work clothes as well.  To the tune of $638.80. I budgeted for $500 for clothes + supplies and we spent $327 total and I thought we were doing great until I logged on to our bank account.  GRRR

We have been married for so long and it seems as if each passing year I become slightly more responsible and he becomes slightly less responsible.  Don’t get me wrong – Mr. can be super frugal when he thinks about it.  He will pack lunches and drink drip coffee.  However, he also loves to spend money.  He believes that we make the money so we deserve to buy whatever we want.  I think we spend too much time working and should save it so we don’t have to work for too long.  I will walk around Target for a long time debating on if I’m gonna buy a $27 pair of yoga pants because I expect it to cost $10.  Hubby would just buy those pants.

I wonder how two people so compatible can differ so much when it comes to money.  I will admit that when the two of us met, I was very irresponsible with money not because I didn’t care but I just didn’t have anyone teach me how to manage it.  He, on the other hand, was awesome at managing money.  He had his own checking account and he knew his balance.  I would put in the atm card and prayed I had money.  Oh how things have changed.

We had a talk and I don’t know if anything was resolved.  He told me to take his debit card away and just give him cash for the week.  I don’t want to do this because I don’t want to control him/his spending. I want him to work with me on saving money and paying down our bills.  I am just annoyed at this moment and we don’t fight about money but I feel like if we don’t resolve this overspending, we may start and that would just break my heart.