Paper Clutter

Am I the only person that hates paper clutter?  I am sitting here trying to organize my den/office area and it is the most annoying thing ever to see wads of paper everywhere!  I was going through the January issue of Better Homes & Garden and there’s an article for tackling paper clutter.  I’m going taking their advice by keeping a centralized inbox, have an area set up for things that I need to DO NOW, DO LATER & PENDING.

I have tomorrow off as well and will be spending most of it working on Quicken and setting up our budget and paying bills since it is also payday.


7 thoughts on “Paper Clutter

    • Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by and I’m definitely interested in joining your Declutter Challenge! I’ve already cleaned out half of my closet – 1/3 to ebay and the rest is going to be donated.

    • Funny you mention that…we had a scanner that just stopped working last October. I have been too cheap to replace it. I may take it in to have someone look at it to find out what’s wrong with it. So, for now I’m keeping what I think is important and shredding the rest.

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