A Go-Go-Go Type of Day

I spent most of my day clearing the rest of the paper clutter and calling everyone from Bank of America (yuck!) to the doctor’s office.  I also ran errands that I had been putting off for a week and I am one tired lady!

I signed up for classes & picked up my books, both of which will be reimbursed by my employer.  Classes were $1100 and the books were $242.83 and should be reimbursed to me on my 1/19 paycheck.  The line for purchasing books was out the door!  It took me 45 minutes just to pay.

I also picked up my dry cleaning on some work clothes ($29) , paid my car note ($580.39) and mortgage ($1725.25), went to Costo for groceries ($98), filled up my gas tank ($39) and visited with my mama (priceless).

I also finished up 4 loads of laundry, and ran the dishes.  I’m taking some time to do a quick post  as dinner is cooking.  When the Mr. gets home I’m off to the gym to get in a 4 mile run.  Then it’s back to work and school for me tomorrow!

Hope you all had a great day!


3 thoughts on “A Go-Go-Go Type of Day

    • Thank you! I do realize how lucky I am and that’s why I keep telling myself I’m an idiot for not taking advantage of it! They recently changed the amount of reimbursement they will give per textbook, so my out of pocket expense will be roughly $38.50, which is just fine with me considering my textbooks were $200+.

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