Damn you Quicken & Mac!!!

I have been trying for the past 2 hours to get quicken to update and running Windows 7 on a Mac makes it so laggy!  I’m so cranky right now!!! I just want Quicken to work!  And, before anyone asks…I have quicken for mac as well but the program is so useless when you compare it to the Windows version.  I am so cranky!  Want to drink some wine but I gave up drinking!  😐


10 thoughts on “Damn you Quicken & Mac!!!

  1. It is sort of like itunes for windows. I just refuse to use it because I have a PC so it is kind of holding me back from buying any apple products even though I am considering an ipad.

  2. Hi! I’m April. I got sent your way by Andrea over at SoOverDebt. I hate it when a program won’t cooperate with the OS, no matter what its original source was. Whenever iTunes/iStore is being a butt on my computer I want to pull my hair out.

    Good luck with it though! You can do it!

    • Thanks for stopping by! Quicken is the one program that I need to run on a pc and it just irks me so badly that the mac version is useless! I’m just going to keep trying to get it to work!

  3. Cheapy McCheaperson here.

    Instead of Quicken, I use Mint.com for the same basic purpose. My budget tells me where I want my money to go but Mint gives me a running tally in each category.

    It’s not for everybody since it’s “in the cloud” and a lot of people don’t like the idea of their finances being on a website, but it accesses your accounts in read-only and isn’t any more risky than actual online banking.

    • Hi there! Thanks for checking out my blog! I am one of those people that get worried about all of our info being out in the “couds”. DH has told me he doesn’t care if I track via quicken but absolutely freaks out at the mere thought of putting it onto mint.com. I’m going to keep trying to get the programs to work together and pray that somehow, someway they will work!

    • Hi Marissa! Thanks for stopping by! I have never heard of Wave! As for ING, hubby is dead set against it especially since I managed to train him on how to update Quicken after 15 years 🙂

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