Full weekend ahead

Happy Friday everyone!

I have a fairly busy weekend coming up as it is my little boy’s birthday!  It’s his last year in the single digits and he’s super excited about being a big boy!  We are having a party for him at home tomorrow but tonight is family time.  We are taking him to his favorite Chinese restaurant, which coincidentally is owned by a family friend.  We get a tiny bit of a discount not much but any type of discount is good!  My parents and one of my sisters will be joining us and I think the bill will be around $65-$75 for 10 of us with plenty of left-overs!

As for his party, he asked that I make all his favorite foods.  Thankfully, my mom will be over to help me!

On the menu:

  • Egg rolls
  • Fried Rice
  • Lemongrass grilled chicken
  • Veggies platter with homemade hummus
  • Deviled eggs
  • Grilled chicken salad
  • BBQ Short ribs
  • Gluten free, dairy free chocolate cookies
  • Bake Brownies

My To Do List happens to also be a mile long!


  • Get the kiddies to help with cleaning the house inside and out tonight before dinner.
  • Marinade the chicken & short ribs, make the hummus
  • Hang some art & pictures we’ve had laying around for months.
  • Get cheap party favors at the dollar store. Pack some goodies (cookies & brownies) into the goody bags.
  • Pick up one of my girlfriend’s son to stay the night with us.
  • Order his cake!


  • Cook, pick up his cake, decorate the house.
  • Have a party!
  • Take lots of pictures of my little guy with all his friends.
  • The party is only a few hours but sometimes we let a couple of his friends stay the night.


  • Read & study for my classes.  This will probably take me at least 4 hours so I’m going to be up really early to try to get this done so I can spend the rest of the day doing other things.
  • Run 5 miles & do lots of lunges and squats. FAIL
  • Try to cook all my breakfast & lunches for the next week.  I’ve never done this before but figure I’d try it if it helps me to free up some time for me. FAIL
  • Laundry!

I hope everyone has a good weekend!


3 thoughts on “Full weekend ahead

  1. Awesome menu for a kid’s party! At that age, my son would have wanted french fries, chicken strips, and hotdogs. Sounds like you’ll be exhausted by the time Monday comes, but I bet your little guy will love every minute!

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