Career Goals

I love my job because it is so challenging & my co workers are pretty awesome! What I don’t like is my new boss. She’s made my life hell and continued to do so until late last year. My co worker and I are pretty well respected and liked in our area because we can get along with everyone, are hard working and generally super funny people. When she became our boss, our world tipped on a 360 axel.

Our old boss was by far the best boss I have ever had in my life. He was fair, kind, considerate and trusting. He encouraged me when I felt like I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. He gave me opportunities because he believed in my skill and ability. Even when I didn’t believe in myself. Anyhow, he got promoted (so proud) and sadly it was not without our department and he went to a different building and area. He promised me that I could always count on him as my mentor and call him anytime. He also told me that because I’ve been doing so well and really handling this new complex account, my next promotion was right around the corner and he was excited for me to succeed. He wanted me to keep up my positive attitude and willingness to help my fellow coworkers.

What I do has a lot of visibility among the higher ups and I stepped in and filled some pretty big shoes when our group got reorganized. People kept telling me that I was doing a great job; I was getting along with everyone else on the team….except my direct boss. She micromanages like no one else I’ve met in my life. The tone of her emails all start out sounding like this, “You failed, this is why you failed and this is how you can redeem yourself….” Needless to say this was incredibly discouraging and depressing to me. She told me that regardless of how good I was doing on my new assignment, the fact that I don’t have a bachelor’s degree would negate all of my good work. Essentially, that piece of paper defines whether or not I get future promotions, regardless of the fact that I got hired into the company based upon my experience within my field and industry. Never mind the fact that everyone who has worked with me has nothing but good things to say about me.

There were many days when I would come home during the past 6 months depressed and unhappy. Heck, there were times where I would cry at work and this is not like me what so ever. I’m a very happy and optimistic person! My wonderful co worker decided that he could not take any more of her negativity and he spoke with her boss & basically begged, borrowed and stole another position with another manager. Before he left, he had a come to Jesus moment with her boss and told her everything that we have had to endure under her management. The fact that he was leaving finally opened up her eyes to the damage that her employee was doing to the morale of her employees. He indicated that I have sat there and cried more than once from the sheer torture of working for her and being belittled despite everyone else singing us praises.

Once he left, I also had a come to Jesus moment with my boss’ boss. I told her everything that I had been through. The good news is that she acknowledged there were issues because unknown to me or my co workers, other managers, executive staff and just peers also complained about my boss creating too much additional and unnecessary work for everyone. She assured me that I am excelling in my position and she wants to keep me in her group. I told her that I deserve my promotion because of everything I have accomplished in the past year & thank GOD my old boss had me keep a running list of everything good I did through out the year because I just printed pages and pages of accomplishments. She told me that she will push me to receive my promotion at the next round of promotions, which should be within the next few months.

Surprisingly, I had my last performance review in December and I far exceeded in every category. My boss actually said she agreed with her boss and that I’m ready for a promotion. They are going to be submitting paperwork this month and once approved I’ll know for sure that I got it.

So what does this all mean for me? Work load wise, I still do the same job but I get to mentor new hires, which I love to do! I want people to work at my company and be excited about what we do! In terms of salary, the promotion is huge. My co workers have shared with me that they saw the largest increase when they got this type of promotion. To put it in perspective, I should be very close to the six figure mark all by myself without DH.

When this happens, I will celebrate a bit with a nice dinner with mister. The nagging thought behind all of this is that even with that promotion, I am still pretty miserable working for my boss. I either need to learn how to deflect her negative comments or I need to figure something else out.

As a side note, part of the reason why I’ve been so crazy with going back to school is her comment to me about my lack of a BA made my blood boil. People who have worked with me never knew that I didn’t have one because I’m clearly not an idiot. Unless I told someone, it was a non issue. My intelligence speaks for itself. It insulted me beyond belief…but it fueled me to continue on. I have 5 or 6 more classes before I transfer to the local University. Determined to finish it out so no one can ever insult me like this again.

If everything goes according to plan my timeline looks like this:
1. Promotion announced by May.
2. Get good grades in my 2 courses mid March.
3. Sign up for 2 more classes in April.
4. Decide if I want to do summer school.
5. Apply for admission to the U early 2013.

That’s all :). Not hard at all! That’s it for now..I’m heading to little man’s dinner.


3 thoughts on “Career Goals

  1. What the crap boss lady.
    I am in school right now, and the facts are that most BA students CAN’T FIND A JOB because there are no jobs to be had. I am graduating in May, and I’m proud of that accomplishment, but it does NOT guarantee me a job. That new boss is smoking crack if she thinks that’s the case

    Look, I know you’ve probably already heard this, but honestly? Fuck her. She’s a nimrod. She’s a total doofus and I hope that the shenanigans that she is pulling gets her the hose. There are so many more important and interesting things that a person can do with life other than be stuck in school. School is annoying and hard and on top of actual work? Yeah. A bit frustrating. I really admire what you’ve built for yourself and I hope that it all is going to go the way it needs to. Unfortunately, we can only control ourselves, which is a cold comfort when what we’d really like to do is control the person who is making us miserable.

    Keep up the awesome girl!

    • My little sister has a double BA and can’t find a decent job, so believe me I know it’s not the ticket to getting a job or getting a better job. Somehow, my boss didn’t get that memo:)

      My little babies are bigger now and I finally feel like I can go back to school and they understand when I tell them that “mommy has to study”. I’m doing better on not letting her get to me but it’s hard!

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