Weekly Spending Report 01-09-12

Let me tell you that putting these reports together was incredibly annoying.  It took me 7 days to get Quicken to even load.  Then it was another 4 hours before I could actually get it to generate this report.  This was enough to have me wanting to pull my hair!  I definitely need to find a way to do this that’s simple.  I think this is the key reason why I stopped tracking….it’s too agonizing and slow!

You can see the most expensive thing on there is our mortgage. The Education expense will be reimbursed in next week’s paycheck.  Those eating out expenses were all DH’s and we had another talk tonight about cutting those out completely.  Granted, they are not as bad as last year’s numbers but  I wish we can eliminate it all together.

Hubby wanted to go snowboarding with the 3 kids and I felt bad telling them no.  But, I had to do it.  It was going to be another $200 at least just for lift tickets and we just can’t afford to do that.  I wasn’t very popular this Sunday with the husband but the kids took it in stride, they asked if they can go one more time before the season is over and I said that I would consider it if we were good and didn’t go out to eat anymore for the whole month of January.  They are going to keep hubby & I accountable because they really want to go boarding in February.


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