Hopefully, we’re on the same page now

I took your advice on my last post and decided that the hubby and I need to talk it out.  Boy, did we ever.

I grabbed the remainder of the bills for January and I’m so disappointed in myself.  Since I only started to really pay attention to our bank accounts and tracking our money towards the end of December, I missed a whole bunch of bills that needed to be paid.  Our utilities and cable are doubled up because I forgot to pay them last month!  Below are the remaining bills:

Based on my calculations, we will only have $200 for gas and groceries after all of these bills are paid unless I transfer some money out of savings.  The good news is that my car doesn’t really need that much gas since I only drive about 15 miles a day.  Hubby’s car, however, will need to be filled up at least once a week since his commute is brutal.  I told DH that I know we can make the $200 stretch since we’ve got lots of frozen meat.  I will just need to stretch our grocery budget by cooking out of the pantry and using up the rest of the food that’s in there.  We are completely low on veggies so I will have to buy strictly from the Asian Grocery store since it’s a lot cheaper than the regular supermarket.

Then, I realized that we are out of toilet paper!  Lord, does it ever end once it starts raining?  That is the ONE thing that I am allowed to buy at Costco this weekend. We will not be leaving our house for any reason at all this weekend because that’s where I feel like we do most of our mindless spending! I’ve texted my sisters and friends if they want to see us this weekend, they will need to bring the food because we are on a budget until February!

I usually have $650 set aside for savings automatically and I really don’t want to take that money out unless there is a dire emergency.  I think if we plan carefully, we will be able to make it to February 1st without touching the emergency money.

 Anyhow, back to my talk with the hubby.  I showed him the actual bills and I pulled out the bank statement online.  I had him calculate what we had left over after our mandatory bills were paid for.  Boy, were his eyes glazed when they looked back at me.  He said he had no idea that’s how much we would have to pay out next week and thought that when he checked the balance in the account that bills had already been paid (insert eye roll here from me).  I told him that he spends money faster than I can pay the bills.  Next Wednesday, he will sit down and pay the bills and update the check register so he knows how much money we have left over to spend.
I’m hopeful that this opened up his eyes but until a few more months go by I can’t really say this worked!



6 thoughts on “Hopefully, we’re on the same page now

  1. I’m glad that everything seems to be working out now. Hopefully it stays this way (and sometimes a person just needs to see that money coming in doesn’t always equal that of money going out. )

  2. Toilet paper, veggies, and gas. That all sounds doable. But you’re smart to stay in for a weekend (and stay off online shopping sites too). Good luck!

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