Weekly Spending Report 01-23-12

I’m a little late on getting this up, but better late than never, right?  I left DH in charge of grocery shopping this week because I had to study every day.  Well, sufficed to say, this will be the last weekend he gets to shop for groceries.  This is how we spent our money this week:

1.  Auto expenses:  This is the usual, gas and auto insurance

2. Car Payment – fixed every month

3. Cell Phone accessories – I dropped and cracked my previous iphone case & DH ordered me another one.  I’m a complete klutz.

4.  Clothing : bathing suit for all 3 kids as they had grown out of theirs and we signed them up for swimming lessons.

5. Dining – no eating out for me.  This is DH’s portion of lunches (boo).

6.  Gifts – Chinese New Years and we gave money to our kids & neices/nephews.  Kids deposited the money to their accounts.

7.  Groceries – $377.97.  Yep, my husband did not shop with a list or use coupons and kept going back to the store over and over and over and over.  There were at least 8 transactions to the grocery store.  WTF?!? He also decided to have people over last minute to watch the playoffs, which meant he went out and bought unnecessary food.  I’m super grumpy about this but it’s partly my fault because I should have been explicit & given him a not to exceed budget for the week.

8.  Medial – Co-pay for DH’s physical therapy session.

9.  Personal Care – body wash & shampoo/conditioner for the kids.

I’m upset about the grocery bill and the gifts given. I wasn’t planning on it and DH just took out cash and started handing everyone red envelopes without discussing it with me.  We are not rich and this has to got to stop. I was also super grumpy that he had people over at our house with out making sure I was okay with it.  At the very least, he could have mandated the outing a pot luck. Looks like, we’re going to start instituting a once a week finance meeting between the two of us.  He honestly didn’t track the amounts and when I showed him the numbers, he asked me if I was crazy to spend that much per week on groceries1!!!!

We got invited to so many events this weekend, and we turned them all down except for my GF’s birthday dinner at her house & my husband’s cousin’s little girl’s birthday. Being on a budget and having a social life sucks sometimes.



7 thoughts on “Weekly Spending Report 01-23-12

  1. At least dining out went down? Is he getting better in that regard? I love potluck dinners–I did one last year for my guy’s birthday and it went over really well. We actually had too much food. And if it makes you feel better, I can’t send my guy out grocery shopping unless I give him actual cash money and tell him he cannot go over that. (No lie, I once asked him to get me fruit when he went and silly enough didn’t give him cash for the expedition. I just told him to stay in the budget and follow the list. He bought me something like $60 worth of fruit. Never again. And he also went way over budget)

    • I am so happy that the eating out has definitely gone down so I suppose I can’t be too upset. I just hadn’t expected him to keep going back to the store to buy things he “forgot” and “needed”. Lesson learned!

  2. I had to ban my spouse from shopping at the grocery store at all, as controlling as that sounds 😛 He would spend a small fortune. Now, we grocery shop TOGETHER with a list. If I even think about putting pastries in the cart, he stops me and vice versa. It took a long time to get to this point because we both love/d to eat but health and financial issues meant limitations that we both had to agree on.

  3. First off, hi! Found you via My Pretty Pennies.

    Oh my goodness, this makes me glad that I only have my own spending habits to contend with. Good for you for sitting down with your husband and showing him the numbers.

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by! You are very lucky that it’s just your spending you have to worry about 🙂 I think because he doesn’t see where all the money goes it doesn’t freak him out the way it freaks me out. I am thankful we can always talk about money and not fight about it.

  4. LOL… my husband is the opposite! I hate sending him shopping, he will ONLY buy what is on the list, if they don’t have exactly what I told him he won’t buy a substitute, and he never looks for sales (so even if I specify the price, he’ll often grab the wrong size and pay too much) :P.

    I usually only ask him to pick up things like milk!

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