A few to dos for the weekend

I have 2 chapters to read this weekend, one quiz & about an hour of homework to do before Monday.  I took a short break to write this post because I’m currently sequestered in the library until I’m finished – hopefully I’ll be done in the next few hours and I can spend the next day or so relaxing.  Anyhow, when I have too much to do and what feels like not enough time, I start making a To Do list to keep me on track.  This is what I have to get done by tomorrow night:

  1. Read Chapter 3 & Chapter 6 for my POLSCI class.
  2. Write a short paper.
  3. Take a quiz online.
  4. Read Ch 4 for my Accounting class.
  5. Get taxes done.
  6. Run 4 miles tonight & 5 miles tomorrow.
  7. Open & sort mail.
  8. Write down when all bills are due in planner & put into my gmail calendar.
  9. Update Quicken
  10. Go to cousin’s little girl’s birthday party tomorrow.
  11. Go to my dear friend’s birthday dinner tomorrow night. Dinner was cancelled 🙂
  12. Finish doing some laundry – workout clothes, work clothes, kids’ clothes, sheets & towels.
  13. Clean bathrooms.
  14. Clean kitchen.
  15. Vacuum.
  16. Watch my DVR 🙂
  17. Read for pleasure and not because I’m forced to for class.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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