February 2012 Goals

First, a recap of my January goals:

January Goals

  1. Pay all our bills on time!
  2. Update Quicken – I tried today but kept running into technical problems.  We run Windows 7 on our Mac and it lags pretty bad.  I spent a couple of hours waiting for it to update and finally just gave up.  I finally, somehow managed to get this to work, though it’s still not perfect because it still takes a long time to update.  
  3. Pay off my Capital One card – $500.  HELL YA.  PAID THIS BABY OFF LAST NIGHT!
  4. Save $1,300 towards Baby Emergency Fund. 
  5. Finish cleaning my office and keep it clean!
  6. Run 4 times a week. FAIL.  I tried really hard to do this, but with the reading intensive courses I have this quarter, I’ve only managed about 3 times a week and then doing free weights at home.  Better than nothing but I wish I could have hit the 4 runs a week goal I set for myself. 
  7. Keep up with homework – mine & kiddie 
Not too shabby for an insanely busy January, if I do say so myself!
For February, I’d like to accomplish the following:
  1. Pass my midterm test this Tuesday.
  2. Keep up on my reading and homework.
  3. Complete my $5,000 baby emergency fund!
  4. Pay $832.42 towards our visa card 🙂
  5. Log in my eating on weight watchers & myfitnesspal.
  6. Run 4 times a week.
  7. Lift weights 3 times a week.
  8. Keep Quicken up to date.
  9. Keep my checkbook balanced!

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