Murphy, Murphy, Murphy!

I don’t know what it is about Murphy and his intuition.  It’s like he’s just waiting for me to have money in my pocket and then BAM! He does something to completely throw me off.  In the past 5 days we have had so many things go wrong and spend so much money to fix things, I could just scream!

  • On our older car the brake pads need to be replaced for both front and back – $409, gone.
  • Same car, tires are completely bald, I never drive this car so I had no clue.  4 tires to the tune of $450.
  • Hot water heater went out on Friday night and we had to buy another one and have it installed – another $550.
  • DH’s crown cracked and he had to have work done – $781!

It has been such an expensive few days and though I’m super frustrated with the outflow of cash, I am also super proud of DH & I.  In the past, I would have totally put my head in the sand and not deal with the impact of all this money going out.  We had money in our emergency fund to take care of this and did not once have to whip out the credit card to pay for any of the above.  We have decided to be a bit more stringent on the grocery budget for a bit until we get the emergency fund built back up a bit.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!


6 thoughts on “Murphy, Murphy, Murphy!

  1. So you might be frustrated but honestly, you should pat yourself on the back. Your good habits are paying off, because even with all these speed bumps and unexpected expenses you have not had to use your credit cards. Would you have been able to avoid using credit cards for this stuff a year ago? Two years ago? That’s actually a HUGE step forward. Frustrating, yes. But progress, way more YES!!!

    • I am definitely very proud of DH & I. A year ago I would have panicked and then ignored the problem. Those days are long gone and now we have a plan to rebuild it.

      Definitely glad that we are getting our financial house in order.

  2. That’s great that you had your emergency fund though! And yes you have to rebuild it but that shouldn’t be too hard since you’ve done it once and were so successful at it.

  3. I’m so glad you had your emergency fund to pick up all those unexpected expenses! I know it’s frustrating to see the balance drop after you worked so hard to build it, but it beats paying off credit card debt any day. Proud of you!!!!

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