My Debt Free Date =)

My debt free date should be May 2014. I mentioned before that I found a fantastic snowball calculator online and am using it to keep myself accountable with my payoff. If you would like to download a copy yourself please go to this link.

Well, here it is. My debt free date. Lord, it is SO close!!


I am so effing excited! Now, of course I realize that Murphy is bound to show up but it is so nice to see an actual light at the end of the tunnel. I am very, very determined to get out of debt. I don’t know what has happened to me in the last few months but I feel that I can get out of debt. I can live my life with a written budget (ahem…most of the time). I can deal with my problems without putting my head into the sand. I can save money if I set my mind to it! I feel such a sense of empowerment!


12 thoughts on “My Debt Free Date =)

  1. This is so thorough….looooove it! With all the smaller goals (paying off each card/debt one at a time), the time will go by quickly and give you so much joy every time you meet a smaller milestone. Good luck in your journey!

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  4. I will be looking forward to that date.

    It’s so exciting to see your excitement and determination and your new found empowerment. Will be an awesome journey.

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