March Goals & Budget

First, a recap of my February goals:

For February, I’d like to accomplish the following:
  1. Pass my midterm test this Tuesday. Hell yes! Missed only one and got a 96%!
  2. Keep up on my reading and homework. Yes, I continue to stay focused!
  3. Complete my $5,000 baby emergency fund! Yes! YES! YES! With taxes, bonuses, we got slightly more than I expected and currently we have a FULLY funded Emergency Fund at $10,000.
  4. Pay $832.42 towards our visa card :) Yes! Sent them lots of money!
  5. Log in my eating on weight watchers & myfitnesspal. FAIL! I was good for about 75% and then studying etc got in the way.
  6. Run 4 times a week. Check, Check!
  7. Lift weights 3 times a week. Check, Check!
  8. Keep Quicken up to date. FAIL/PASS When Quicken cooperated I kept it updated. However, it failed more than it worked. Still holding out from spending more $ towards a Windows laptop.
  9. Keep my checkbook balanced! Pass! For the first time in at least 2 years. LORD HALLELUJAH!
For March, below is our budget for the month. The grocery is so sporty for us but I am going out of town on business for the next week and we have tons of food left. I know I have to pay for the kids’ swimming lessons this month as well as baseball for my two youngest.
With respect to actual goals I want to target, they are:
  1. Run 4 times a week.
  2. No eating out!
  3. Spring clean from 3/19 to 4/1!
  4. Purge my closet once again.
  5. Paint the girls’ room.
  6. Throw all overtime money towards Visa.
  7. Call Comcast and negotiate a better cable rate or else cut back on it or CANCEL cable!
  8. Send out letters disputing the inaccuracies on my credit reports.
  9. Sign up for classes for Spring Quarter.

9 thoughts on “March Goals & Budget

  1. Good job on keeping up with your goals. Canceling the cable is a no-brainer. I got rid of my satellite TV service back on 2008. I used to pay $80 a month for it. I haven’t paid a cable bill in over 5 years now. This is how my current system is set up: I basically use an HD Antenna, small PC, Roku and network storage to serve up all my entertainment. I watch sports, news, local programming, movies and TV shows and it costs me $0 month. Keep the high speed Internet and ditch the high priced cable package. In 6 months time it will pay for itself.

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