So much stress

This will be a short post because I am uber stressed out at the moment.  I’m studying for a test tomorrow.  My work blackberry will not stop going off and my work load has doubled in the past month.  I want to get back to a place where work was manageable.  The good news is that my promo is being submitted tomorrow and I should have a better idea of whether or not I get it by end of next week.  LORD. I want this week to be over already.  AMEN.



Weekly Money Check-Up

WMC 4.16

1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on groceries. $189 for the next 2 weeks.  Oh, and our mortgage and car payment.  Sigh.

2. Today I am thankful for my job.  I get so stressed out from it at times because my job has high visibility from everyone in management, it seems like I’m constantly getting crazy assignments, and my brain wants to explode at times.  But, with that said, I have learned so much and I’m so thankful for all of the opportunities I have gotten.

3. Money can’t buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that made me happy was play with my kids and niece on a rare sunny day.  God, we went to the park and ran outside like loons. I love spending time with my family!
4. I will consider this week a success if I check some things off my never ending to do list.

5. The last TV show/program I watched was Scandal on ABC.  This show is so well written & I cannot wait for Thursdays to come. Truly so well written!

Weekly Money Check-Up is a weekly series on My Pretty Pennies. 

Spring Cleaning

I don’t know if I’ve ever put it out there how much I love an organized and clean home.  I absolutely detest clutter.  Spring Cleaning is actually something that I love to do. I wouldn’t say that I’m sick, exactly, but I do love walking into a house where everything is clean, orderly and in its place.

I have an insane schedule with work and school right now, however, I do have a list of things I want to accomplish by the end of summer so it’s not necessarily “spring cleaning” per se.  That list so far consists of the following:

  1. Outdoors
    1. Sweep the front porch
    2. Plant some cosmos in the planter
    3. Weed!
    4. Paint my front door & touch up the railing on the front porch.
    5. Plant some cheap flowers in the back yard & replace the flowers in the planters on back porch.
    6. Call friend w/landscape business to aerate our back yard.
  2. Den:
    1. Fix printer or buy a cheaper one 😦
    2. Go through collection of pens & toss out bad ones.
    3. Reorganize my filing system so it’s easier and more efficient.
    4. Shred all sensitive and unneeded paperwork.
    5. Use Mr. Clean to clean the walls & repaint if necessary.
  3. Kitchen
    1. Repaint it to ivory/grey-beige from the butter yellow it is now.
    2. Reorganize the pantry
    3. Clean out refrigerator
    4. Clean oven
    5. Organize under the sink
    6. Throw away all mismatched tupperware
    7. Clean my espresso machine
  4. Dining Room
    1. Move my little girl’s tea party kitchen upstairs.
    2. Hang up artwork in the dining room.
    3. Make new curtains for the dining room.
    4. Perhaps repaint it to an ivory color from the powder blue that it is now.
  5. Living Room
    1. Sand and re-stain the coffee table.
    2. Organize all the books, dvds and electronic gadgets on the shelves.
    3. Make new pillows.
    4. Vacuum & steam clean the carpets.
    5. Hang up all my photos & art
    6. Clean and organize the closet under the stairs.  (I HATE THIS CLOSET. It reminds me of Monica from Friend’s junk closet).
  6. Laundry Room
    1. Add a shelf
    2. Wipe down the inside of the front loading washing machine
    3. Clean out all the lint in the dryer
    4. Move Christmas decorations to the garage
  7. Powder Room
    1. Clean & Vacuum the vents
    2. Clean toilet
    3. Scrub out the sink
    4. Remove the shelving unit and replace with something modern and sleek
    5. Sanitize the door handles
    6. Swifter mop floors
    7. Replace 2 year old bathroom rug.
  8. Master Bedroom
    1. Clear out and organize the random file cabinet in bedroom and sell the cabinet
    2. Get rid of all the mis matched socks
    3. Put up art on walls
    4. Vacuum & steam clean the floors
    5. Clean the windows and vacuum the blinds
    6. Clear out all junk underneath the bed
    7. Purge our closet.  Toss, donate or mend.
    8. Do all above from powder room in our master bedroom + clean out our bath tub & shower stall.


  9. Upstairs
    1. Clean kids’ bathrooms
    2. Hang up artwork in their bathroom.
    3. Replace their shower curtain.
    4. Adjust their towel rod because it’s crooked
    5. Reorganize/refold their linen closet. Make sure they are stocked on toothpaste, toilet paper, hand soap and towels, etc.
    6. Go through my little girls’ closets and purge everything that doesn’t fit.
    7. Same with my little boy’s room.
  10. General stuff
    1. Clean all the windows & vacuum all the blinds.
    2. Recaulk areas in the kitchen and bathrooms.
    3. Mop the floors.
    4. Clear out the garage – sell everything I can or donate things I can’t sell.
    5. Put shelving in the garage so I can move some of the cleaning supplies to the garage for easy access and also have a centralized recycling center in the garage versus all around the kitchen.

I know this list looks extensive and hard to tackle but I swear I thrive under making lists.  Nothing feels more satisfying than checking off a list.  I will tackle the easy ones first and then start working on the tedious ones with DH.    

Ups and Downs

The last month has been filled with lots of ups and downs.  First, I have been missing in action due to coast to coast traveling for work the first two weeks of March + studying non stop for finals.  Didn’t realize that I missed a whole month of posting until Cait tweeted me to make sure I was still alive.  Thank goodness I don’t have any more traveling lined up for work.

Good News

I found out that promotions should be effective in June.  I am so anxious and nervous that it still might not happen but I’m trying to be positive that all of my hard work will not be for naught the past year and half.  if the promotion goes through, I am looking at a 10-19% raise.  We are definitely going to need it because……

Bad News

It was during my trip that my husband called me and told me that after 8 years of working for his company they decided to move their operations to 2 different states.  The location where hubby works is leased.  In fact it was the only leased property the company had and in order to save money they decided to move their operations to Salt Lake City, UT and Huntsville, AL.  He was given the option to transfer to either of these 2 locations.  However, being that my career is finally taking off and I am so close to getting a huge promotion along with the fact that our entire family resides here, we decided we can’t move.  This means that June 30th is his last day of working.  He will be receiving about $20K in severance + unemployment until he finds another position.

I was in shock when I heard all of this through the phone as I was driving in Chicago.  I kept thinking, “OMG just when things are finally going well, this happens. What are we going to do??”  Then it dawned on me, we are going to be okay.   We have our emergency fund for all of this.  We will have the severance pay.  If we stick to basic necessities, we can make it with my salary & his unemployment. Heck, we’ll just have to push our “we’re debt free” date out a bit.  Of course, he’s going to be looking for jobs between now and then and hopefully, God willing, we won’t have too much stress on our hands.

Hubby and I have discussed possibly stopping the snow flaking payments to our credit card but we both really feel that the less debt we have when he doesn’t have a job the better off we will be.  Currently, the debt is at $2,928.81.  By the end of next week, I am hoping to throw another $965 to it, which should leave the balance at $1,963.81.  The $965 consists of a $137 refund from the IRS, $178 from Costco’s cash back program, and our regular $650 bi weekly snowflake payment.  If I calculate everything correctly, we should be completely credit card debt free by May 10th. We will still have the student loan, line of credit and car but I can manage those.

That’s all I have the energy to blog about at the moment.  Obviously, I’m still a little stressed out and worried about the unknown but I know we will be okay and need to focus on what we can do now not what we can’t do or control. As soon as I can find a spare hour or so I will post April’s goals & March’s recap.

Happy Easter everyone 🙂