Ups and Downs

The last month has been filled with lots of ups and downs.  First, I have been missing in action due to coast to coast traveling for work the first two weeks of March + studying non stop for finals.  Didn’t realize that I missed a whole month of posting until Cait tweeted me to make sure I was still alive.  Thank goodness I don’t have any more traveling lined up for work.

Good News

I found out that promotions should be effective in June.  I am so anxious and nervous that it still might not happen but I’m trying to be positive that all of my hard work will not be for naught the past year and half.  if the promotion goes through, I am looking at a 10-19% raise.  We are definitely going to need it because……

Bad News

It was during my trip that my husband called me and told me that after 8 years of working for his company they decided to move their operations to 2 different states.  The location where hubby works is leased.  In fact it was the only leased property the company had and in order to save money they decided to move their operations to Salt Lake City, UT and Huntsville, AL.  He was given the option to transfer to either of these 2 locations.  However, being that my career is finally taking off and I am so close to getting a huge promotion along with the fact that our entire family resides here, we decided we can’t move.  This means that June 30th is his last day of working.  He will be receiving about $20K in severance + unemployment until he finds another position.

I was in shock when I heard all of this through the phone as I was driving in Chicago.  I kept thinking, “OMG just when things are finally going well, this happens. What are we going to do??”  Then it dawned on me, we are going to be okay.   We have our emergency fund for all of this.  We will have the severance pay.  If we stick to basic necessities, we can make it with my salary & his unemployment. Heck, we’ll just have to push our “we’re debt free” date out a bit.  Of course, he’s going to be looking for jobs between now and then and hopefully, God willing, we won’t have too much stress on our hands.

Hubby and I have discussed possibly stopping the snow flaking payments to our credit card but we both really feel that the less debt we have when he doesn’t have a job the better off we will be.  Currently, the debt is at $2,928.81.  By the end of next week, I am hoping to throw another $965 to it, which should leave the balance at $1,963.81.  The $965 consists of a $137 refund from the IRS, $178 from Costco’s cash back program, and our regular $650 bi weekly snowflake payment.  If I calculate everything correctly, we should be completely credit card debt free by May 10th. We will still have the student loan, line of credit and car but I can manage those.

That’s all I have the energy to blog about at the moment.  Obviously, I’m still a little stressed out and worried about the unknown but I know we will be okay and need to focus on what we can do now not what we can’t do or control. As soon as I can find a spare hour or so I will post April’s goals & March’s recap.

Happy Easter everyone 🙂


10 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for some time now, but haven’t had a chance to comment.

    Just wanted to say congrats on the promotion! However I’m sorry to hear about your husband. You guys will get through it I’m sure.

    • The promotion isn’t official yet but I’m crossing my fingers and everything else that nothing will stop it from coming to fruition. As for hubby, I have faith that things will work out for us.

  2. Oh no! So sorry to hear about your husband’s job. I hope he’s able to find something else very quickly, but it sounds like you have a good plan in place in case it takes awhile. Please keep us updated – crossing my fingers for you!!!!!

  3. I think WordPress ate my comment! Anyway, I’m really sorry to hear about your husband’s job, and I hope he finds something else really quickly. It’s great that you’re prepared in case it takes awhile, though. Keep us posted!!!!

    • Thanks, Andrea! I would be very stressed out if we didn’t have the emergency fund and the severance pay. Thank God I started working on our finances again. I shudder to think of where we would be if our finances were still a hot mess.

  4. I think you guys will be just fine! As you said, stick to a bare bones budget until he finds his next job. $20K in severance can go really far. My fingers are crossed he finds work soon!

  5. The month really flew by didn’t it.

    I too am sorry to hear that your husband will have to lose his job and I do hope he finds something soon. Hopefully something he likes even more.

    The best part is you are ready for it with the EF and the severance. You won’t have to bury your head in the sand. Stay strong and have hope. I also hope you can get that promotion. You have been working really hard.

    I believe things will work out for the best. Stay strong.

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