I’m free, free, FREE!

OMFG. I am so stinky excited. Like, over the moon, freaking jumping up and down excited. Why, you ask?? Well, it’s because I’m credit card debt free!!!!!! I made up my mind a few months ago that things were going to change around here. We would live a cash only life and would put the credit card away and pay it off. I didn’t have much credit card debt to begin with, $5,228.81 was my balance. I was saving $650 every other week and when I reached our emergency fund of $10,000, I was ready to get rid of that debt. I know most people wanted me to use the savings to pay off that debt but I needed that savings like baby needed their security blanket. DH and I made a commitment together that we would pay off this pesky credit card debt and just be done with it. We were able to do a balance transfer for 12 months at 0% interest rate from our credit union. Then, I started attacking with payments every single pay period, without fail starting on March 1, 2012. This is what our payments looked like:

I went into the branch today and paid an extra $729 and the lady behind the counter said, “Wow, you have a zero balance with this payment. Congrats!” I am not even going to lie, I high fived her, LOL. That’s how happy I was!

Now that the debt is paid off, I’m celebrating by not studying and actually treating myself to a mojito. Also, since hubby won’t have a job after next month, I’m back to hoarding the $650 every paycheck into savings.

Have a great day everyone!



8 thoughts on “I’m free, free, FREE!

  1. I understand your excitement! I am now down to 1 credit card to pay off. Just a few short months ago, there were 5 credit cards to pay off plus a loan that has been hanging over my head for quite some time. Due to a change in jobs, I was able to pay off 4 of those credit cards and that other debt. It is such a huge relief knowing that I don’t have to send in just the minimum amount to keep my head above water. The last credit card should be paid off by December, and then the only debt I will have will be student loans and my car.

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