Have a case of “wants”

I am not sure why I am all of a sudden feeling this way, but I am wanting to buy things.  Not just normal things, but big ticket item things.  I’m talking grand things like:

  1. A Precor 9.35i Commercial grade treadmill because I can’t even make it to the gym anymore due to my insane schedule.  I’m convinced that I will use this treadmill if it were in my home.  The problem?  For starters, the price is $4999.00!!!!! Secondly, my house has no room for this monstrosity.  Yet, the want is there.
  2. New bedroom furniture for our bedroom because we have never owned new furniture.  Everything has been hand me downs.  I want a new bed from Pottery Barn ($1400+shipping), a new dresser from Pottery Barn ($1400+shipping)
  3. A new windows based laptop because no matter how much I try I cannot run Windows via parallel or bootcamp. Which means i can’t use Quicken, which just pisses me off.  The cost for a “decent” Dell at Costco is about $650, which includes a brand new Lexmark printer.
  4. To that end, I am coveting an iPad even though I know it’s a glorified iphone, which I have.  But, why do I want one of these stupid things? I don’t know! $500!

I tried to do psychoanalysis on myself on why I suddenly want stuff and the answer is simple, I’ve deprived myself to pay off the credit card debt, to save for down payment of new car and I haven’t treated myself to something in so long, I’m going crazy.  I think I need to treat myself to something nice and cheap, something as a reward because I’m eating healthier etc.  Not sure what I would buy since I’m too cheap to actually hand over the debit card but maybe some work out clothes? Or, perhaps a new Filofax or Franklin Covey Planner. Something that costs under $50 and definitely not $4,999.

Am I going to indulge on anything of the above?  No! However, I will be perfectly honest, I am really *this* close to getting the laptop.  I’ve lamented for so long about it and I think part of the reason why I don’t blog as often is because it’s impossible to run my actual budget & spending in Quicken because IT WILL NOT WORK. I tried for over an hour trying to get it to work today only to get frustrated and say, “F*CK IT!  ARGH!!” And, you all know I’ve been complaining it for a long time.



4 thoughts on “Have a case of “wants”

  1. I can absolutely relate! I live on such a strict budget that when I finally do allow myself to spend, I go for that big item I’ve been wanting. In some cases, in makes sense because it’s better than all those little things that add up without you knowing. But I have to make such it stays within my overall budget without completely undoing my finances.

  2. Re: the laptop – you could always sell the Mac. You’d get almost as much as you paid for it, depending on how old it is. And I may or may not be interested depending on the model. 😉

    I think small treats are completely necessary and deserved. You’ve undergone a HUGE lifestyle change over the past few months, and it’s hard not to get something new every now and then. Setting a limit (like the $50 you mentioned) is a great idea!

  3. It’s all about balance, really. Kind of like a diet too. Depriving yourself will make you binge. Moderation…buy a few things to keep you motivated…but pay cash.

    You can do it!

  4. I do understand the desire to buy the shinies. On the treadmill, though, could you compensate by walking around your neighborhood in the evening or morning? Also, I noticed the bar graphs for your accounts and whatnot. Why not open a separate savings account for something you REALLY want and save up for it? I have a regular savings, car replacement savings, house maintenance savings, and a professional account for my memberships and conferences I attend. Regularly deposit money into it and then buy what you really want.

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