I absolutely love fall – the foliage, pumpkin spiced lattes, flannel shirts. Work is still incredibly busy for me but I have been making myself taking walks with my kids and our puppy. Now that my DH is working we are having to get back in the swing of things – chores, homework and kids sports. DH gets home at about 5 and lost kids activity start at 6 – 7. I have
the responsibility of getting dinner and homework done with kids. I also still have the responsibility of keeping our bills paid on time.

My work life is still unbalanced, meaning it is still insane. I still work a ton of hours and this limits how much time I actually have to deal with paperwork. I’ve put together a binder so I can keep track of everything. I have a section for calendars, account information and our budget.

I still hate paper clutter and have been able to keep the clutter at bay. Some weeks are better than some and some weeks are worse. When Mail comes I deal with it immediately before it gets into the house. Everything that is not a bill or pertinent information I immediately recycle. I open every piece if mail right when I get it. I have found that during the years if I don’t so this, paper gets out if control. As bills come in I write when it is due on the calendar and put the actual bill in the flap of the binder. I get paid every other Thursday and hubby gets paid every other Friday, opposite of my week. I try to pay bills right when I get paid. I still have my savings automatically deposited to my online account.

While DH wasn’t working it was really tough to pay bills. I’ve had to use all our savings to pay bills. My immediate goal is to save $2,000. Then I’m targeting my student loans and finally my line of credit. We would like to get save 10% towards the down payment of a new house. We have completely outgrown our house but I absolutely don’t want to buy another house until we build our savings back up.


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