Have a case of “wants”

I am not sure why I am all of a sudden feeling this way, but I am wanting to buy things.  Not just normal things, but big ticket item things.  I’m talking grand things like:

  1. A Precor 9.35i Commercial grade treadmill because I can’t even make it to the gym anymore due to my insane schedule.  I’m convinced that I will use this treadmill if it were in my home.  The problem?  For starters, the price is $4999.00!!!!! Secondly, my house has no room for this monstrosity.  Yet, the want is there.
  2. New bedroom furniture for our bedroom because we have never owned new furniture.  Everything has been hand me downs.  I want a new bed from Pottery Barn ($1400+shipping), a new dresser from Pottery Barn ($1400+shipping)
  3. A new windows based laptop because no matter how much I try I cannot run Windows via parallel or bootcamp. Which means i can’t use Quicken, which just pisses me off.  The cost for a “decent” Dell at Costco is about $650, which includes a brand new Lexmark printer.
  4. To that end, I am coveting an iPad even though I know it’s a glorified iphone, which I have.  But, why do I want one of these stupid things? I don’t know! $500!

I tried to do psychoanalysis on myself on why I suddenly want stuff and the answer is simple, I’ve deprived myself to pay off the credit card debt, to save for down payment of new car and I haven’t treated myself to something in so long, I’m going crazy.  I think I need to treat myself to something nice and cheap, something as a reward because I’m eating healthier etc.  Not sure what I would buy since I’m too cheap to actually hand over the debit card but maybe some work out clothes? Or, perhaps a new Filofax or Franklin Covey Planner. Something that costs under $50 and definitely not $4,999.

Am I going to indulge on anything of the above?  No! However, I will be perfectly honest, I am really *this* close to getting the laptop.  I’ve lamented for so long about it and I think part of the reason why I don’t blog as often is because it’s impossible to run my actual budget & spending in Quicken because IT WILL NOT WORK. I tried for over an hour trying to get it to work today only to get frustrated and say, “F*CK IT!  ARGH!!” And, you all know I’ve been complaining it for a long time.



Trying to live off of one income

I’ve been thinking a lot about DH’s impending job loss.  I really wanted him to start looking for a job right away but he has not be able to make time to look.  His commute is at least an hour and a half each way.  That means he leaves the house around 6:30AM for a 8:00AM shift.  He gets off at 5:00PM but doesn’t get home until at least 6:30 each day.  He is also afraid that if he takes time off of work, his work may find a reason to terminate him thus making him ineligible for the severance pay.  With that said, we are going to need to figure out how to live off of one income until he finds something.

His severance package will be approximately $17K after taxes.  We are planning on putting all of that into our ING account.  It will not be touched unless a huge catastrophe happens.  We are in WA state and I think based on some very rough calculations he will be receiving approximately $400 per week after tax.  My hope is to also hoard this and put it into savings. To do that, we need to come up with a game plan to live off of my income. I think we can do it.  I haven’t had time to sit down and calculate the actual numbers yet but I think we can provided we can keep our fuel costs low and cut our grocery bill.  We’ve done an okay job of not going out to eat unless it is planned around special occasions and for the most part have been packing breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinners to work.

My plan is to go through the numbers tonight and put together a budget for the next few weeks with only my salary and saving hubby’s salary.  I’m also going to be scouring the internet to look for articles, tips and tricks on how people have managed to live on one income.  Of course, if any of you have lived on one income, please share your stories and offer me any advise you have!

Back to saving

DH’s last day at work is fast approaching with June right around the corner. Now that my Visa is completely paid off, I will be back to saving $650+ per pay period. I was really counting on my promotion to go through but it got voted down by the Human Resources department. I was really bummed out last week when I was told. I have been working my butt off and to be told that I can’t get my promotion because of judgment passed on my profile (people who don’t know me at all) is very disappointing to say the least. I was told that I will still be put through the promotion round in September. In my mind, that’s too long, but there is nothing that I can do about it so after this post I’m letting the bad juju go.

With that said, I do want to pare down on our costs as much as possible. A few things I’m looking to cut out until DH finds another job:

  1. Eating out. This is a given but with all the kids’ sporting activities, me working/schooling all the time, it’s hard to not get food. However, it’s not nearly as bad as it use to be, which is great.
  2. Gym membership. I’m so torn on this because I’m someone who absolutely uses and loves going to the gym. However, I discovered my love for the “insanity” work out program that I can do at home. It hasn’t completely replaced my love for being at the gym but I love that I can do it early in the morning and get it out of the way.
  3. Weight Watchers. I am starting to use the myfitnesspal app more and more, completely ignoring my WW’s app.

I’m sure there is more I can cut but for now that’s all my feeble little brain can think of. I am hoping to be able to pay all of our bills (mortgage, utilities, insurance, groceries, gas) based on my salary. Now that the Visa is paid off, I feel less stressed about money and want to focus on saving & living on my salary. We are going to start saving DH’s last few paychecks.

Anyhow that’s all I have for right now. Have a great night 🙂


Sunday Night Ramblings

My life has been so hectic and crazy lately and I literally have been catching sleep when I can.  I slept the moment I got home on Friday (6PM all the way until 6AM Saturday).  Fortunately, I was able to spend the day with my sister and mom today at Pike Place Market. The weather was so beautiful in Seattle today. When it’s nice up here you have to take advantage of it because it could start raining within the hour or the next day and keep raining for weeks on end.   I bought my mom a bouquet of flowers as an early Mother’s Day gift.  My babygirl in turn bought me a bouquet.  It was nice to be outside and not in the library studying or at work working.

Speaking of which, the past 2 weeks have been hell.  I worked so much that I couldn’t study for my test and I did horrible.  On top of all that, my husband is not driving me crazy.  He is not helping out as much as I want around the house, which coupled with all my stress is making me very irate.  I want him to start looking for a job right away and what is he doing? Nothing. Nothing at all.  He says he can’t interview because he’s working.  In order to get an interview, you need to apply.  Which he has not done. At all.  The job market is still very tough out there and the fact that he’s not actively looking really makes me worried.  To make matters even more irritating, he just now asked me if we can use his severance and take the kids to Disneyland, which would cost us about $7,000.  Is he freaking crazy?!  He told me that we will have his unemployment and the severance. UM.  That unemployment, dear husband, is going to help us pay the bills.  He’s killing me right now. Before you all ask, we are NOT going to Disneyland. Ridiculous to even say out loud.

I found out last week from my boss that my promotion was signed off by big boss lady.  It is going to HR for review & finalization of salary on the 16th.  I should know for sure on or about May 18.  Fingers crossed for me.  I’m told that the raise is going to be fantastic.  I think my hubby knowing that my raise is right around the corner has him feeling slightly laid back about our financial situation.  A huge part of me wants to tell him that I didn’t get the promotion/raise and that I won’t get it until the next promotion round, which is in September.  Another part of me feels like we are adults and we shouldn’t keep anything from each other.  I’m really conscious of our money situation and I don’t want things to get bad again.  Like I said, he is driving me crazy at the moment.

There is a bit more good news on the horizon. Our Visa is almost paid off.  Current balance is $1,428.81.  Another $650 will be thrown at it this Thursday, a balance of $778.81 which I am hoping I will also be able to send this week.  I worked 25 hours of overtime in the last 2 weeks and that should net me an extra $1,000 on my paycheck.  After this is paid off, we will start saving all of DH’s remaining paychecks so we have even more in savings just in case.  We’ll be paying the minimum on everything (student loans/line of credit) until we find DH another job.

I’m off to bed because I know this week is going to be super busy again.

Ups and Downs

The last month has been filled with lots of ups and downs.  First, I have been missing in action due to coast to coast traveling for work the first two weeks of March + studying non stop for finals.  Didn’t realize that I missed a whole month of posting until Cait tweeted me to make sure I was still alive.  Thank goodness I don’t have any more traveling lined up for work.

Good News

I found out that promotions should be effective in June.  I am so anxious and nervous that it still might not happen but I’m trying to be positive that all of my hard work will not be for naught the past year and half.  if the promotion goes through, I am looking at a 10-19% raise.  We are definitely going to need it because……

Bad News

It was during my trip that my husband called me and told me that after 8 years of working for his company they decided to move their operations to 2 different states.  The location where hubby works is leased.  In fact it was the only leased property the company had and in order to save money they decided to move their operations to Salt Lake City, UT and Huntsville, AL.  He was given the option to transfer to either of these 2 locations.  However, being that my career is finally taking off and I am so close to getting a huge promotion along with the fact that our entire family resides here, we decided we can’t move.  This means that June 30th is his last day of working.  He will be receiving about $20K in severance + unemployment until he finds another position.

I was in shock when I heard all of this through the phone as I was driving in Chicago.  I kept thinking, “OMG just when things are finally going well, this happens. What are we going to do??”  Then it dawned on me, we are going to be okay.   We have our emergency fund for all of this.  We will have the severance pay.  If we stick to basic necessities, we can make it with my salary & his unemployment. Heck, we’ll just have to push our “we’re debt free” date out a bit.  Of course, he’s going to be looking for jobs between now and then and hopefully, God willing, we won’t have too much stress on our hands.

Hubby and I have discussed possibly stopping the snow flaking payments to our credit card but we both really feel that the less debt we have when he doesn’t have a job the better off we will be.  Currently, the debt is at $2,928.81.  By the end of next week, I am hoping to throw another $965 to it, which should leave the balance at $1,963.81.  The $965 consists of a $137 refund from the IRS, $178 from Costco’s cash back program, and our regular $650 bi weekly snowflake payment.  If I calculate everything correctly, we should be completely credit card debt free by May 10th. We will still have the student loan, line of credit and car but I can manage those.

That’s all I have the energy to blog about at the moment.  Obviously, I’m still a little stressed out and worried about the unknown but I know we will be okay and need to focus on what we can do now not what we can’t do or control. As soon as I can find a spare hour or so I will post April’s goals & March’s recap.

Happy Easter everyone 🙂

My Debt Free Date =)

My debt free date should be May 2014. I mentioned before that I found a fantastic snowball calculator online and am using it to keep myself accountable with my payoff. If you would like to download a copy yourself please go to this link.

Well, here it is. My debt free date. Lord, it is SO close!!


I am so effing excited! Now, of course I realize that Murphy is bound to show up but it is so nice to see an actual light at the end of the tunnel. I am very, very determined to get out of debt. I don’t know what has happened to me in the last few months but I feel that I can get out of debt. I can live my life with a written budget (ahem…most of the time). I can deal with my problems without putting my head into the sand. I can save money if I set my mind to it! I feel such a sense of empowerment!

Automating my Snowball payments

Early in February I laid out my goals for snowballing payments to tackle my debt as quickly as possible.  Today, I am one step closer.  My exact balance for my Visa card is $5221.82.  I have set up an automatic payment for $650 every other Thursday (when I get paid).  I need to replenish our emergency fund due to Murphy hitting our household.  As soon as my savings is back to where it was, I will roll over the remaining $832.42 towards my debt snowball and automate payments of $2,132.42 towards my Visa card.

I usually have $650 direct deposited into my ING DIrect Savings account and I don’t notice the money in there because I have made it painfully difficult for me to access that account. Meaning – I don’t know the account number, and rarely access the account online.  I get paper statements but I’d really have to take the time to get to my account information.  I think that this will definitely help me get out of debt faster because it’s automatic.  I don’t physically have to transfer the money over to my credit card.  Let’s face it, I’m super busy and on top of that I’m pretty lazy!  DH is also very prone to spending money that’s sitting in an account so in this case, out of site out of mind.

I will definitely be utilizing this account to snowball all of my payments until my car, student loans are completely paid off.